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Your Horscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Sunday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Aries, you’re a sexual being at heart! You’re being asked to embrace the fire of your passion and express it in many ways. Your partner is sure to match your steps. At work, your passion makes you the superhero on the block. Your mission: standing up for the underdog – even if that’s you. Remember when you stand there and watch injustice unfold, you’re just as responsible as the perpetrators.



There’s no time to mourn your less-than-perfect relationship, especially when there’s so much happening on the work front. New and exciting opportunities are constantly knocking at your door. What keeps you on your toes is the fact that these opportunities could not be more different from each other. Keep that superhero cape handy. You’re going to be in action mode a lot this week.



Your relationship takes a less-than-perfect turn. You were in paradise last week and now you can’t seem to agree on anything. On the upside, you realise how your friends are always there for you. You’re always smiling when they’re around. Did Akshay from marketing seem extraaa keen on helping you with your technical woes? Go ahead and read between the lines. The cards talk about budding romance in the workplace.



Work takes up all your mind space. After a long time, it’s going exactly the way you want it to. You’re dreaming big and you’re not afraid to make it happen! As a result, your personal life takes a backseat – something your partner isn’t too happy about. If he’s five steps ahead of you on the commitment front, don’t leave him hanging. Tell him you need time to catch up.



No matter how you or your partner may have felt about commitment in the past, something deep within you changes. You may be dreaming about a traditional marriage with your loved ones around. There’s a reason fate brought you together and you’re ready to honour this bond. Work may prove to be challenging in many ways – say ‘difficult’ clients or uncooperative colleagues – nothing you’re not equipped to deal with.



Now that the groundwork has been done, it’s time to put the best laid plan into action. You feel closely connected to the project and it only adds to the proficient way in which you deliver your product. Don’t forget to pause every now and then. You’re ready to take the plunge as far as love is concerned. Follow your heart, but don’t miss out on the warning signs.



Don’t be too hard on yourself. Growth and evolution is an inevitable part of the process. Sometimes that means growing out of a relationship. Just ensure you communicate your need for some alone time to a partner. Single ladies, it’s okay to say no if you’re just not in the space for romance right now. Heartbreaking news on the work front could turn your world upside down – only for a moment or so. You’ve got so much else going for you. More reasons to rejoice than to mourn.



You are the master of your destiny. The creator of your world. No more victim syndrome! With so many projects on your platter, work takes an all-consuming turn. You don’t mind putting everything ‘personal’ on the back burner. Work requires your undivided attention. All work and no play would make Jill a dull girl. You’re likely to forge deep bonds in the workplace – the kind that satisfy your heart and soul.



Such a creatively satisfying time in your life. The seeds you sowed seasons ago start to bear fruit. Everything you touch turns to gold. Processing painful information on the personal front? The worst is now behind you. Allow the process of healing to begin.



You’re ready for complete upheaval on the work front. It’s time to do away with the things that don’t help you serve the larger goal. Decluttering your life on so many levels opens the gates for more happiness in your life. Everybody wins! Don’t spend so much time wondering why you’re not attracting love in your life. Declutter that box of toxic emotions and watch the miracles unfold!



If you don’t wanted to be treated like a doormat, then it’s time to start asserting yourself. You matter. Your thoughts and ideas matter. Don’t let them undermine your power. If you believe in signs, this could be the green flag reminding you to start working on going solo. A business of any kind will need investment. Be willing to put your resources together. A man in your life may be willing to fund you and help you with the initial framework.



Beware of who you join forces with. Unfortunately, not everybody is an original. Are you getting as much as they are out of this collab? If not, move on. You’re going to end up feeling like you got the raw deal. On the upside, your love life is everything you could ask for and more. Recently met the fam? Love and acceptance from their side create a beautiful space for your love to grow.

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