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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



As is often the case when Mercury retrogrades, an old flame walks into the picture but this time sparks fly without burning anything down. The King of Wands serves as a reminder to indulge in the heat of the moment, give in to your passion but keep both feet on the ground rather than allowing yourself to be carried away. Resist the urge to get stuck in old patterns this week is all about making new mistakes!



For Taurus the week starts off hot and heavy with the King of Wands driving you to channel inner your wild child and shed the Victorian stiff-collar self. This week is all about showing your partner how passionately you feel – if it feels right then go all out with displays of affection. However keep in mind that sometimes the flirtation, the fun, the companionship is more of a drive by. Listen to your intuition if you feel there are no long-term legs to the relationship, take it light!



Gemini this week is on fire! With great expertise comes a solid sense of judgment in that you’re able to assess the conflicts coming up this week and have no qualms about going all out to fight for what you believe in. However, the aggression of sticking to your guns can rub people off the wrong way and ultimately work against you. Keep your end goal in mind – whether it is to build your own empire or just to make it to the next long weekend, the extra focus will only help your resolve.



This week finds Cancer dealing with a fair amount of conflict on the homefront, so to start things off don’t indulge in petty sibling fights. In the larger sense there could be friction caused by the idea of separation, moving out on your own or maybe a flatmate who isn’t willing to share their gluten-free bread with everyone. There is a sense of transition coming your way, one that promises to not be easy but ultimately to your benefit so hold on to your resolve and allow for things to take their natural course.



Some surprises are worth it Leo and this week promises to bring you a good one! The fact of life remains that we often only see beauty when we are not looking for it even though at times you’re bound to be preoccupied with your own doubts and feelings. Give in to the unexpectedness of things. Venture out and take time on your own in the pursuit of the greater joys of life, some parts of the journey to success are often and best spent by yourself.



This week for Virgo brings the start of something new, an exciting project that is shaking off the dust of the retrograde – one that is aligned with your own end goals even if not directly in tandem. You’re steering your ship through waters you’ve always dreamed of treading – whether it is a dream vacation, a project involving your creative energy, or something bigger. With the support of those around you, you’re finding renewed drive to go down this path.



This week for Libra is about healing both the inner self and the body, whether you’re recovering from something physical like the flu or exhaustion, or something more emotional, misplaced stress, this is the time to indulge in healing yourself. Sometimes it is best to break off from the space you’re currently in and take time to re-focus your energies back to the things that matter. And what matters the most right now is you!



Rise above the muck Scorpio! Analyse the situation you’re in and know when to shut out the conflict and ego issues of the ones around you as they are of little relevance to the end goal you are in pursuit of. Look around you and find out who in your immediate company is holding you back and know when your words are falling on deaf ears. This week provides a challenge in maintaining your focus more than testing your patience.



This is a big week for Sagittarius one that involves the ultimate universal balancing act as you see both the ending of an old project and the start of another – a most satisfying situation for the closet multitasker. The next stage this project takes opens you up to major opportunities so expect a fair amount of hustle needed to get things off the ground. Maybe even literally – a trip overseas to kickstart things! On the other hand also expect delays – as with any good situation – and allow for the project to continue in a natural pace. Don’t be swayed by these delays as they’re only minor roadblocks.



The garden of love’s blooming for Capricorn this week as your lover showers you with affection and pampering in the most material sense of love. You’re in control of the relationship though, your partner allows you to be the center of attention and indulging all of your fantasies. For those looking for an adventure, this is a good time to plan a quick lovers’ vacay to the hills or the beach.



With the inimitable skill set at your behest you’re basically unstoppable – so long as you realise the power of your potential. Truly it’s often our own underestimation of what we can achieve that holds us back from our goals. So this week dream, dream big, and make it happen! Know that everything comes with its fair share of naysayers and doubters but once again your ability to deal with people most amicably will help you maneuver around these roadblocks.



This week for Pisces comes with a warning – a snake with new skin is still a snake. Someone you’ve known from the past is bound to make an appearance soon but with the element of surprise eliminated from the equation you are better prepared to deal with them. Whether this is an ex-colleague who wronged you or just an ex, avoid allowing them to enter your mindspace and throw things off balance. The key is to hold on to the people and things that keep you going, stick to your vision of the end goals and nothing else that steers your off course.


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