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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



The week ahead sees Aries facing a situation that leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Sudden changes in your life leave you feeling betrayed by someone close to you – this could be someone who isn’t impressed with you at work or a close friend who suddenly took up a job in a different city and it feels like everything is falling apart. Remember: you just need to breathe. Forgiveness is key and these changes, while they may seem difficult in the moment – are ultimately serving a higher purpose in the grand scheme of things. Don’t turn your back on the situation or your friends.



This week for Taurus involves a lot of investment both in terms of time and energy into assessing your current path in life (both in love and work spaces). There’s a certain sense of discomfort that’s causing you to reevaluate where you are because it doesn’t seem to be working in your favour. What could be the best way to re-align yourself with the bigger life purpose you have in mind? How can you get back to being on your way to that ideal life you’d envisioned? Whether it’s time to take a soul-searching vacation or reconnecting with your inner child, the solution will come to you in due course.



It’s TBT all week for Gemini as you find yourself surrounded by old connections and look back on the good times. The nostalgia is heavy this week with friends coming over or maybe a big family reunion – make the most of it and spend time with your siblings before it’s back to the old grind. There’s happiness in abundance, a return to the almost childlike naivety that we often miss. These simpler times are perfect to let go of any negative energies or self doubting that may have been pulling you down, it’s time to focus only on the positive aspects.



The motto for Cancer this week is ‘we’ – now see where you can apply it. Chances are there are areas in your life that could be in a setback because you’ve been focused solely on yourself and your growth and forgotten the importance of teamwork, of playing nice with the other kids. It’s time to keep your ego aside and bring the team together, see and honour what each individual brings to the table and draw up a master plan to most effectively use these to your common goal.



For Leo this week is about settling down into your hammock and sipping a lazy cocktail because it’s time to chill. Often times the flurry in our mind can be dispelled by spending some time alone just soaking in the leisure of solitude. This opens you up to a space of seeking wisdom, of finding answers to long asked questions, or even if it’s just a really long movie marathon. Think of it as rebuilding your energy reserves to start the next week with renewed fire.



This week for Virgo takes on a meditative turn, you’re in the mood to be by yourself and float along the surface. This usually comes up when you’re bored with the way things are going, or in the case of a disappointment. Either of the two can come with a bitter aftertaste whether it is in your professional space or in a relationship. But rather than giving in to the limbo take this time to see whether you want to work through this to a place of forgiveness, or use that forgiveness as a means to an ending.



For Libra this week is all about putting your people skills to use, use your voice to be the voice of reason rather than commanding those around you. You’re the resolver of trouble and allowing the energy to flow seamlessly. Draw on your inner strength to show those around you how best to work in tandem with the circumstances rather than being in a constant uphill battle.



Things come full circle for Scorpio this week as you reach the end of your journey and it’s time to kick your boots off and snooze under the sun for a while. Bask in the glory of recognition by friends and peers for your hard work and take in the success. Use this downtime to figure out your next step because the end of one cycle is the perfect time for new beginnings.



You’re on fire this week Sagittarius, but fire has a tendency to burn and spread and go out of control so the lesson this week is to find your switch to simmer down. You seem to be surrounded by a lot of people with a lot of different opinions and it’s possible that your voice is drowning out in the middle. The thing is there’s a very fine line between sticking to your guns and being stubborn about your viewpoint – Ego is the Enemy and potentially a bump on the road that can halt you for a while. Take a step back and a look at the larger picture to restore the balance and harmony needed to continue on your journey.



This week Capricorn has the green light to let their freak flag fly, wave it loud and proud. Indulge in your hedonistic fantasies – whether it’s about finally baking that molten centre chocolate cake, reading the dirty book from the back of your shelf, or experimenting with new places, positions, even partners. As always, things work best when in balance so while the temptation to indulge is ever-increasing, hold yourself back from giving into excesses. Too much of even something as good as wine can make you sick.



For Aquarius this week is all about having a practical perspective, one that isn’t necessary devoid of emotion but rather something that isn’t swayed by emotional instincts. It’s about safeguarding yourself and your interests – whether this is at work, at home, or in your relationship. Tell it like it is, even if it comes off a bit harsh because sometimes strong opinions and reactions can seem that way – then proceed to justify your reasons for feeling that way. It’s about cutting through the purple prose and getting to a clear definitive end.



The tide turns in favour of Pisces this week as you find renewed energy within to fully commit to yourself and the world. Take care of your health – yes your body is a temple – and you’ll find that it energises you to take on tasks at work in a whole new light. This is a good time to focus on your goals and give in wholeheartedly to the project you’re working on – this is one case where tunnel vision will be your best friend. Set big goals, impossible ones, then sit and draw up a road map to make them happen in reality, flex your social skills and ask colleagues to pitch in wherever necessary.


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