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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Okay Aries, let’s not breathe fire too soon. The coming week promises to test your patience and challenge you emotionally. The important thing to remember is that there’s a time and place for emotions and for rational thinking. Approach the problems with clarity because the chaos may seem sudden. You might feel as though someone pulled the rug out from under you, but the real problem lies at the base of this. Go back and check where the foundation has cracked and fix it. Take a step back and see whom you can and cannot trust, and start plotting your return to glory from there.



This week for Taurus starts with the end of something significant, a project at work or an early-year fling – something is edging close to going up in flames. While the end is always hard to deal with, it’s also a good place to begin again. Take the time to give this situation and yourself the closure that’s needed. The Nine of Wands foreshadows you going on the defensive, but it takes two to tango, even as you dance to the apocalypse. Acknowledge your mistakes and accept the path you need to take from here on out.



Gemini’s living the sweet life this week as your partner works extra hard to bring an extra spark into your relationship – expect (or maybe don’t) some surprise date nights and dinnertime wooing. There’s a brilliant harmony in this exchange of loving energy and through spontaneity the two of you are bound to strengthen your connection. On the work front the opportunities are in front of you – as many as you’d like – but it’s all about standing up and deciding which one works best for you. Don’t let someone else move your cheese, do it yourself!



Okay Cancer this week is tough, but there’s a lesson to be learnt here. The Seven of Swords is a card of betrayal, someone’s been working behind you to throw up these roadblocks that you now see all around. It’s always good to have friends but be cautious of whom you put blind faith in because it is often someone we think is our best friend who hurts us the most. Maybe stay at home for a change – the parties will always be there – and reflect on your choice of friends. Is it all about #squadgoals or rather the people whom you can call at 3am for love and advice? Or perhaps this is the time to put yourself before others.



Super cuddly vibes for Leo this week. The Ten of Cups signals a strong sense of community within the workspace and at home – have a big fat family brunch this Sunday we say! If there have been worries about someone you love, expect to have them abated with some good news coming your way. The Fool is your ultimate card this week as both you and your family are accepting and encouraging the new phase of life you’re entering – whether it is a change in workplace or picking up a new skill.



Light some incense this week Virgo because the card of Temperance promises the ultimate harmony in your inner and outer space. There’s a new opportunity at work – a project you’ve been eyeing or a complete shift in your workspace – and the opportunity promises to be both exciting and rewarding. With the family supporting your decision, go forth with guns ablazing. The Ten of Cups signals an abundance of love so plan some downtime playing cards with mum or get a cup of coffee with your sister.



Okay Libra if there have been things on your to-do list piling up this is the week you get the ball rolling. From launching a tshirt brand to experimenting with apothecary this is the time to test your knowledge, to explore new skills, and to work towards your goal(s). Pen down your thoughts, blog your journey to success, sometimes writing works as the best form of therapy and in this weather is a great excuse to get some hot chocolate while you’re at it. With all this going on, make sure you’re also setting time aside for yourself, to recharge those batteries before you start the day again – the season to be jolly has been replaced by the flu!



This week for Scorpio sees The Six of Cups and the Lovers working together, bringing back an old flame to provide that necessary drama. However this zest for life isn’t what you really need. It’s important to remember that there’s a reason why, while there may be beautiful and loving memories to look back upon, this person isn’t really around in your life. Perhaps they left you behind or you didn’t want them around anymore – know that this reappearance comes with a learning lesson so take care not to be too swayed.



For Sagittarius this week starts off on an interesting note, up till now you’ve found yourself surrounded by options – it feels like you’ve had it all just within reach. But this time you’re beginning to see past the illusion of choice, there’s only one (or at best a few) available paths that align with your ultimate goals. There’s always the risk of making wrong decisions but it is time to trust in your reservoir of knowledge, your bossman skill set, and use your focus to charge ahead. There’s a dawn on the horizon waiting for you to reach out and grab it!



Capricorn this week plays into the hands of the Fool – a card synonymous with new beginnings, of taking a leap of faith and daring to dream big (and then following said dream). While you may have a solid bank of knowledge and skills in your current standpoint, this shift in direction challenges you to pick up a new craft, learn a new process, go back to being a student and learn to master all over again. Don’t doubt your ability because the drive with which you move ahead is guaranteed to bring you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.



Alright Aquarius, let’s sit and talk this out. The Five of Wands signals a period of feeling at odds with those around you and inevitably feeling that things aren’t going according to plan. From this disappointment stems an emotional distress that is most likely to be projected in the way you deal with your friends and family – hold yourself back from fighting them. While isolation may seem like the natural reaction to your situation, know that the best way out of this period is to let people in, talk about how you’re really feeling – even if you only say it to your partner. Sometimes the simple act of talking is enough to make us feel better.



Head to the beach this week Pisces, you belong near the sound of the ocean. This week is all about healing, healing yourself from within and your surroundings by being that invincible ball of sunshine and love that you are. Treat yourself to a long day at the spa and then treat your partner to some good wine and a dinner. Time spent with your partner paves the way for a stable phase where your commitment to each other solidifies and there’s harmony both in your emotions and future plans. The key is to communicate – maybe it’s a learning lesson from your past that could help this relationship.


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