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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!

Aries March 25


This week the Seven of Swords provides a warning to Aries about the company you keep – not in so much as playing Russian Roulette with your friends but being mindful of who really has your best interest at heart. This feeling could also arise from you abandoning your group and blazing your own trail, sometimes that indomitable fire can lead you astray so make sure that if you’re breaking off to save yourself, you have a roadmap in mind. Avoid making hasty decisions in such cases because it’s more important to safeguard your interests at this point.

Taurus March 25


This week is all about embracing the clean slate for Taurus. The Fool calls out to your inner child, it’s the time to hit refresh not just on your wardrobe but also your attitude to life. There’s been a turbulent past but the time has come to let go of that because that promised new dawn won’t be any good if you’re still lugging the weight of past toxicities. There’s a whole universe to be explored so this is a good time to set new goals and consequently sit and plan your route to getting there.

Gemini March 25


How the stars align for Gemini this week! The Six of Wands is always a double edged sword in that it promises the success and recognition you’ve obviously proven yourself worthy of it also comes with a reminder that the journey is far from over and slowing down is not an option. Expect a good deal of public recognition for all the hard work of the past few weeks, a sign that while the struggle is real it’s not in vain. While the laurels are good to enjoy use this time as a motivation to continue your pursuit of ultimate dream goals.

Cancer March 25


The Four of Wands takes the wheel this week for Cancer and brings a time for bonding with the family, maybe even a surprise occasion that calls for a full blown reunion. It’s a good time to nurture the bonds that build the foundation of your support system at home – and we’re not saying that it is necessarily over the top, sometimes you can express your love and gratitude even by the smallest of gestures. Those looking to move out and make it big in the world can expect to find the house of their dreams and get onto Pinterest to start decorating!

Leo March 25


The card in power for Leo this week is the Devil which, besides the obvious, talks of a dysfunctional relationship – the challenge before you this week is to find out where this dysfunctionality lies and is stemming from. Sometimes the unhealthiest relationship we’re in is the one with ourselves. Worse still is the idea of addiction, whether you’re addicted to the company of a person – your significant other or even a colleague – or a substance the time has come where you need to bring the focus back on yourself. Solely on staying healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you feel like it’s going nowhere, take this as a sign to abandon your hopelessness.

Virgo March 25


This week things take a turn for Virgo as the Nine of Swords makes an appearance, bringing up an air of anxiety and stress. If there are challenges rising in front of you that keep you up at night try to retrace your steps and see how you’ve landed on this part of the road, where there is room to adjust do so and side step. Where there isn’t draw up a plan to systematically break the problem down, see what this is teaching you about your own behavior pattern rather than giving into the hysteria of the problem.

Libra March 25


This week for Libra marks the completion of a project in a way that you had imagined it would – basically you’ve managed to literally manifest your goals and with this success comes the much deserved reward. Your hard work pays off and brings to you recognition on a public platform, an acknowledgment of your unwillingness to give up, and now is the time for you to celebrate. This is the time to dream big, where can you take this project next?

Scorpio March 25


For Scorpio this week presents a multitude of illusions making you doubt the situation and people around you till reality begins feeling stranger than fiction. The problem is that you’ve allowed for the variety of choices cloud your judgment and to see through the veil you need to clear your head first. Centre your thoughts even if you need to teach yourself meditation, only then will you be able to figure out which available opportunity to eliminate and which toxic person to say goodbye to.

Sagittarius March 25


Out of the black and into the blue for Sagittarius this week, after facing adversity and a series of challenges in the past you’ve come into your own and understood the value of the tough times. This week it’s all about basking in the glory of your hustle, a time of peace and harmony, and a well deserved recognition of your work. In this moment everything’s coming up roses which also makes it a perfect time to motivate you back onto the grind and set new goals. Take time out to celebrate with those who’ve supported you!

Capricorn March 25


From the winding down of your journey this week takes Capricorn into a complete destruction of the yellow brick road you’d been on. The Tower brings you face to face with the reality that sometimes nothing seems to go as per your plan no matter how we feel that they’re absolutely correct. The key here is to check every detail of this failure, was there a possible flaw you overlooked? A house that crumbles often does so because of a weak foundation – do you need to go back to the drawing board or reread the manual? We suggest a time of solitude to ask the tough questions and begin planning from scratch.

Aquarius March 25


Aquarius this week feels like they’ve reached the end of their line, emotionally and physically you feel completely drained of energy. While this has been an emotionally traumatic week and you feel like you’ve reached a dead end, there’s always hope in that you have the opportunity to spend time by yourself to realign your path to your goals. These roadblocks have a tendency only to come up when you’re going off track.

Pisces March 25


From a week of facing adversity, the Six of Wands guides Pisces into a time of emerging victorious and deep satisfaction with your position on the journey. Even if no one else is around, give yourself the much deserved pat on the back. The project that has drained you now turns into a matter of pride that you can show off to colleagues and bask in the warranted praise and rewards.



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