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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a brand new column with the stylish street-style blogger and tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be writing some exclusive horoscopes for you every week. Check back every Monday for some exclusive insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome.

Keep scrolling to see what the stars have to say about your sign this week:




If you’ve been thinking about the path ahead in terms of your career for a while now, divine intervention is here! Something that will blow your mind drastically is about to present itself. Keep an eye out on the horizon. This baby has the potential to put some moolah in your purse too.




Are you fighting for a cause or simply arguing for the sake of it, because you can’t stand to be proved wrong? You like to hold on to certain ideals no matter how redundant they are. That old pair of skinnies will have to go, honey. You don’t want to be the only one wearing them in a sea of fit flares.




Where is the love? That’s something you’ve been asking yourself a lot. Not that you’re not getting any of it. Perhaps, you’re not getting the kind you want. The answer to you question lies in being homeward bound. Ah, the smell of mum’s mattar paneer. Few things in the world can bring that sort of comfort. If you’re miles away from her, ask your bae, your roomie or best friend to give you some love.




What are you going to do, honey, when the going gets tough? That’s a must-ask question this week. You may have worked your butt off, but the results don’t seem to reflect all the sweat and blood. But this is the final test so don’t give up just yet! The Universe is about to send so much abundance your way.




Things to do this week: Learn when to ask the emotions to butt out. Work wise, you’re in a place where your creative energy knows no bound. And sometimes, when things get challenging in the nascent stage, it’s very easy to give up. But you’re going to gather your inner strength and remind yourself of why you started out.




The past month has been especially kind to you, and it looks like you’re smiling your way into March too. This week brings a sense of completion — things you’ve been working on will start to bloom. Sit back, relax, and let karma shower you with good luck and abundance.




You, my love, are the very epitome of creativity. But everybody knows something you don’t, right? Be receptive to another person’s point of view — be open to what they can bring to the table. You’ll be surprised by the power of collaboration. Watch the creativity burst forth! Also, take some time off to look inwards. While you’ve been working on yourself, there is a little more work to be done.




Your happiness this week knows no bounds! In order to be truly happy, we must be willing to let our inner child come out and play. And this child craves simple things — to be able to laugh and to make things. Wondering what your “soul calling” is? Get back to being who you were supposed to be before the world happened to you.




Oh, Sagittarius! Your wit and charm this week will put the best debaters to shame. Your ideas come with the promise of unlimited potential. I can only hope you’re writing down everything that comes to you. Work wise, this puts you in a position of power. Show them the road to success!




Things to do this week: Reevaluate your relationship with work. Working hard is one thing, struggling is quite another. The latter reinforces how far away you are from your true self. If it isn’t making you happy, you should probably think about whether you want to be doing this at all. If you love what you do, you’ll never complain about that 8 am meeting. What’s more, ensure you’re not bearing the brunt for somebody else’s inefficiency.




There’s nothing more intoxicating than your smile this week. There’s a certain magical quality about it that calms everything around you. Channel this energy in everything you do. It has the power to transform. Whether it is that brand new blog you’re starting or the pumpkin soup you’re making for dinner.




When it comes to business, you’re the woman with the ideas. What sets you apart from everybody else at the workplace is that drive and determination to see things through. Make your thoughts and intentions clear and go after them with unstoppable rage. But remember to back everything up with logic.

Karishma Rajani is a Delhi-based blogger and tarot expert. Follow her on Instagram for more stylish astral insights. You can also get in touch with her for personalised readings.


A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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