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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



The Ram sees red this week with the Tower signalling an utter destruction and sudden changes that potentially knock you off balance. It feels like everything you’ve been working for has gone to waste and things are falling apart but these changes are important as well. Instead of focusing on all that’s going wrong try and plot your moment of the phoenix arising from the ashes because the end of one thing clears up space for a beginning as well. Trust that you have the energy and willpower to sail through the storm.



The key this week is to avoid being the lone ranger. The Five of Wands speaks of extreme emotions maybe even an ego tussle possibly between friends or colleagues and you seem to find yourself in the middle of it. This can seem stressful because you’re not sure of how to sort out the commotion, especially if there is drama directed at you. Try and talk it out with someone who’ll give you objective advice, seek the support of your partner instead of trying to deal with it on your own!



All your hard work has been for this, Gemini! This week sees you receiving the attention and rewards you deserve for all those late nights and finishing presentations even when you were hungover. It’s a time to celebrate your moment in the sun – without being cocky about it of course – and soak in all the advice that would come your way. Meanwhile keep one eye on that dream destination because you still have ways to go before you get there. So any time you’re veering off the path, make sure to steer back onto it.



The Wheel of Fortune turns this week for Cancer and while things are ultimately working in your favour the changes that are coming up could be potentially shocking. As cliched as it may sound know that the universe sends this your way because deep down you’re ready for it, also because the rewards will be exponentially worth it. However there could be some delay in the process so learn the art of meditation – even drinking coffee can be meditative by the way – and learn to trust the process. Stick to your inner circle of positivity to help you stay afloat at this time.



The coming week promises to be charged with new energy for Leo – the Queen of Cups calls to your emotions and makes this a good time to call the whole family over and host that dinner you’ve been planning. A new project is on the horizon, one that promises to be rather rewarding on the monetary front and would also challenge your brain cells in new ways. In the meantime put a pause on splurging so you’re able to take on this new opportunity without having to consider the finances.



It’s time for you to challenge yourself, Virgo. the Three of Pentacles talks of working in tandem with those around you for achieving that ultimate goal. There may be no I in Teamwork but there is in Collaboration, so delegate the workload and don’t consider yourself to be the only one capable of dealing with the project – you have others around to help you. Financially speaking, it’s time to save more spend less because things may seem tight for sometime before that big fat cheque finds its way to you. Satiate your hunt for peace and the meaning of life via Netflix and books in the meantime!



Okay Libra the biggest learning lesson this week is to keep your personal and professional spheres separate. The Five of Wands talks of creative differences and a communication gap which is bound to make you feel like the people you work with aren’t able to see/understand your vision. The solution here is to put on your business suit and put your cards on the table, ask your clients to do the same – that’s the best way to find common ground. The card of Judgment foreshadows this confusion making its way into your relationships with friends or a partner where you may find your frustration venting out at the wrong time. Take a step back, see if the argument is even valid or if you just need a time out.



There’s a lesson to be learnt this week for Scorpio, a period of conflict and inner indecisiveness has risen and it’s time to find out what choices and behaviours have led you here. Why does it feel like you’re constantly fighting your circumstances? Maybe this is the time for change – you’re surrounded by people who have told you of this inherent potential for greatness. What is holding you back from changing your whole life around for the better? Ask the right questions and take this time to challenge yourself rather than falling into a downward spiral – every period of conflict inevitably gives way to a new dawn.

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This time the coin flips to both sides for Sagittarius. On one hand, we have the Five of Swords – a time of conflict and feeling like you’re the only one on the battlefront, backed up by the Emperor. This has the vibe of positively dominant energy. You’re being authoritative and letting them know what you want, but there’s a chance things are getting lost in translation. The solution here is simple: stop emailing and get on a phone call. Sometimes our words don’t go across as we intend – find common ground. On the flipside, get in touch with your inner kid, break out that old Ludo gameboard, go play some paintball.



This is a supercharged week for Capricorn with the Emperor being a driving force of ambition, sheer energy and drive – really there’s nothing holding you back anymore. Along with the skills, knowledge, and confidence that are absolutely essential to getting what you want, you’re also determined not to give up till you’ve got it. Putting the pedal to the metal, it’s full steam ahead and you’re going in the right direction but with the end goal in mind, you must also be prepared for bumps. Should things trip you up, and no matter how stressful the scenario of conflict may be, what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.



This week the Five of Swords comes into play marking a time of conflict and confusion, there’s a chance you’re feeling betrayed by someone’s words or actions. This is also the card that reminds you to win at all costs, and in this situation you have absolute clarity in your truth so don’t be afraid to let that be known. The problem with keeping things close to the chest is that they have a tendency to weigh you down. If you’ve considered dignified silence, try speaking out and allowing for harmony to come in.



For Pisces this week takes an interesting turn with the Queen of Swords and the King of Pentacles making an appearance. While one speaks of feminine energy devoid of emotional overtures, one of mature intellect and someone who’s of independent thought and passion, the King shows a father figure, one who provides security and stability in the relationship. However the similar temperaments is what throws this relationship off balance, where’s the spontaneity? This may be the time to shake things up and see if you are more than just companions, the best way is to end the current passive phase and try something new.


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