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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



This is the time to rise like a phoenix. Usher in a period of transition or change that you are best equipped to deal with via some internal reflection, a candle-lit meditation, or just realising what your ‘true calling’ may be. You’re on your way to a crucial stage in this journey called life, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Chase your dreams, set your course north, and sail forth, Captain! On the love front, this is the time to explore your adventurous side as the Knight of Wands brings out your naughty side. Don’t worry, Santa won’t judge. If there’s someone special who wants to keep things casual, if they’re all about the fun and not about the cuddling, get your reindeer horns on and find the one who will.



This week the Queen of Pentacles provides reassurance that you’re on the right track. With your giving and loving energy on the work and home front, you’re also balancing the scales with a private independence. Should the time come, you can make it on your own and still be the bossman. You’ve worked hard to reach this place of financial and physical security so now may be the perfect time to share this gift with others. You never know how much you can impact someone’s day by just being there for them, so flex your listening muscles. While you’re surrounding yourself with people, make sure you keep time to self-reflect.



Chin up, Gemini. The 5 of Cups talks of rejection and disappointment. At times like these, the natural reaction is to put your walls up. Put your defenses aside and search for the lesson that lies in this time of grieving. Do not deny yourself the chance to let go of a painful past and learn from the mistakes that have brought you here. When you turn your head to the sun, you’ll see the light. This is a good time to shed your old skin and start with fresh optimism.



This week puts you in the frontlines of an obstacle course, and much like Katniss Everdeen, you’ve got to jump, kick, and drop-roll through this. It’s a period of stress and anxiety but the solution to any problem lies in defining the problem itself – what’s causing this worry? Are there other people involved? On the other hand, is there a particularly sticky situation you’re trying to sneak your way out of? Remember, the only way out, is through it, and if you need to brandish the claws to get out, then do not shy away from it.



Another week of abundance rolls your way, but remember that it’s easy to be carried away in the flow of wishful thinking. While dreams of castles in the air are the perfect catalyst, it is up to you to put them to action. Not every path is the yellow brick road to OZ, so you should choose wisely whether it is love or money that’s on your radar. On the work front, there may be new opportunities to make a much-desired change but cautious optimism is the way to go. If you do take the leap make sure you have a safety net to fall back on.



If this week feels like you’re in limbo, it’s because that’s exactly where you are. The 4 of Cups signals a time of contemplation, a re-evaluation of where you stand particularly on the love front. Fending off the love that comes your way may feel like self-protection, but won’t necessarily help you move forward. Where there is room to forgive, do so and get a move on. On the work front, there’s need for some assessment as well, because any conflicted feelings you’ve had on what needs changing or where you need to invest time and energy, need resolution. The solution to this stagnation is simple; do the research and get moving.



The Universe is sending you a lot of love, Libra. A proposal could be on the cards for you so expect to celebrate your relationship with friends and family – it is wedding season, after all! When it feels like something is drawing the both of you to each other, give in to the divine plan and go with the flow. Too much thinking spoils the broth too, you know! If you’re hung up on the past, all you have to remember is that there’s a reason they’re no longer around in your life. If the indecision persists, the mantra is simple: there’s no shame in making yourself your number 1 priority.



The King of Cups guides you through the week with understanding and balancing your emotions after what has been a tumultuous period. Let this newfound emotional maturity be your source of energy when dealing with friends and lovers, to see how you bring out the best in your people and vice versa. This is a time of utmost happiness, and you bring it to the forefront for your partner. An Instagram-worthy date night is definitely on the cards!



This is a time for new beginnings and letting your free spirit be your guide. This week for you is all about living free from stress and any anxiety – whether it’s about work or things at home. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s best to keep the naivety aside and analyse where your time and emotions are best invested. If you feel like you’re falling into your old ways and on the road to heartache, take the exit lane and avoid the burn. There is great passion, but also some intense drama – you only have time for one of those things!



The mantra this week is to keep breathing as you sail through a not-so-easy transition that’s come about more than likely as a result of your own life decisions. The only thing to do is bear down and see this through. You might have to leave something/someone important behind, but trust that in the long run this will only do you good. While the discomfort continues with you through this change, remember that you’re still surrounded by people who care for you. However, help is given to those who ask for it, so trust that there is no shame in leaning on those closest to you.



The 6 of Pentacles ushers in a period of harmony – expect abundance in both spiritual and material form. Keep the balance in the flow of this energy. Allow yourself to receive and give in equal measures. Share your wealth and good vibes because this week you’re an invincible source of happiness and healing energy. This isn’t the time to be indecisive or just plain bored with where you stand. Avoid being defensive in the face of conflict whether with a sibling or a coworker; things are better dealt with with a smile.



The King of Swords guides you to a point where you find utmost clarity of mind. There’s a chance you need to adopt a stern, authoritarian role possibly to get your team motivated, but don’t lose sight of your compassionate side. This energy is the best catalyst to kickstart your dream project or further fuel your current goals, but take care not to tread over someone on your way. Some volunteer work over the weekend may help you stay grounded!


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