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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


aries_DEc 5_Hauterfly


While this cash crunch situation is affecting everybody on a macro level, it’s making you rather introspective about your relationship with the shiny stuff. Why do we need what we need? Is that brand new Gucci bag really going to do me any good? At first, you may feel like you’re at odds against yourself. The secret: finding new and improved ways to harness gains from what you earn without the guilt of overindulgence.


taurus_Dec 5_Hauterfly


The onset of the holiday season has you craving for hot chocolate laden with marshmallows by the warm fireplace in the company of the people you love. Ah, the comfort of familiarity! You’ll find yourself homeward bound or making plans to do so soon. If you’re lucky, home will come knocking at your door. Reach out to friends who feel like family and all the people you love the most. Surrender to the feeling that you are completely taken care of.


gemini_Dec 5_Hauterfly


This week is about standing tall as the Universe throws one challenge at you after another. How do you plan to rival it? With a mind as sharp as yours, you will come up with the most intelligent plan possible. If you’re at the helm of affairs, lead by example. Your motivational skills can power the team up towards achieving the given goal. Stay in the head, Gemini. This is not a time to let emotions get the better of you.


cancer_Dec 5_Hauterfly


Often we’re faced with the challenge of having to do more than we believe we are capable of. This week, the challenge manifests in the form of dual responsibility. Chances are, you will be entrusted with a couple of projects that couldn’t be more different, or find yourself juggling varied responsibilities that are equally important to you right now. But it’s not about this or that, Cancer. It’s about you! Honouring your infinite potential within will help you realise that they are both extensions of your personality. Given the chance, you can balance these aspects of yourself like a true boss lady. Now, go take over the world!


leo_Dec 5_Hauterfly


Your challenge this week: recognising the reservoir of knowledge within and finding a way to honour it. This, m’lady, is your real superpower. As you channel it into work and play, you’ll find that you are able to take everything several notches higher. Be especially sharp in matters of work. Don’t dim your light to suit somebody else’s version of you. Master your emotions, Leo. Let logic overrule.


virgo_Dec 5_Hauterfly


What do you do in times of dilemma? Is looking outward the answer to your question, when everything you are seeking is inside? This week is about tapping into your inner wisdom. That voices that knows the deepest truths. That voice that overrules the voice of logic. And this also means going by the rulebook. Methods that have stood the test of time and served you well, always. Establishing order in both work and life will help you get the best out of every situation.


libra_Dec 5_Hauterfly


The Universe is whispering in the most seductive manner: ‘Your wishes, my commands’. Whether you’re seeking a string of pearls, a mansion with a pool, or simply peace and love, existence is throwing some divine dust on your dreams. Think of areas of your life that have been ‘stuck’ for a while. Perhaps a cheque that has been evading you or a lover who has turned his back on your charms. As you focus good intentions on these areas of your life, you will see how they begin to clear up.


scorpio_Dec 5_Hauterfly


The poets have been right all along. Maybe all we really need is love. This week your cup is so full, they’re calling you drunk in love. A sense of harmony prevails in all your relationships, romantic and otherwise. Being fulfilled allows you to share manifold with others, while harnessing it into areas of your life that need a little extra attention. It’s amazing how you can move mountains for yourself by the simple act of sending good intentions.


sagittarius_Dec 5_Hauterfly


You may have felt like life’s on hold for some time now and, despite your best efforts, you’re not exactly being able to move in the given direction. Divine intervention is knocking at your door, Sagittarius! Make a list of all the things you want to ‘move’ and start sending good vibes in that direction. Then, take a deep breath and get ready for some breakthroughs.


capricorn_Dec 5_Hauterfly


These bright beautiful ideas brewing inside you. Now that’s pure magic! Recognise and honour them. Find a way to manifest them in your reality. The more bizarre our thoughts, the more we restrain them. Allow yourself to speak your truth, no matter how crazy it seems. And allow this truth to set you wild and free. The only way to reach your goal is by first grounding yourself in reality.


aquarius_Dec 5_Hauterfly


This week is about journeying from spirit to matter. About being grounded in the material world and finding a rock-solid way to manifest your dreams and desires. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Where in the world will you be living? What does your house look like? Now is the time to sow the seeds of success, so you can rely on yourself in the most trying times. Let’s start planning!


pisces_Dec 5_Hauterfly


You’re likely to feel a strong sense of discomfort as you begin to question everything around you. The strong urge to withdraw from the outside world and traverse within. Pisces, want to know a secret? The truth is seeking you too! Spend this time dedicating yourself to practices you believe in and deepening your faith. Open to and accept the challenges coming your way. It’s by facing these challenges that you will emerge like a lotus from the mucky waters.


Karishma Rajani is a Delhi-based writer and tarot expert. Follow her on Instagram for more stylish astral insights. You can also get in touch with her for personalised readings.

A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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