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5 Ways To Throw The Best Holi Party This Year

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I am someone who used to love playing Holi as a kid. The excitement of buying a pichkaari, saving pocket money to purchase the finest pack of water balloons, and being the first one to shower people with gulaal was unparalleled.


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But as you grow up, the festival becomes more about reuniting with your loved ones and spending quality time with each other. Yup, even the subtle flirting that goes on amongst young love birds.

And it helps that this time, Holi comes right after the weekend. So if you aren’t going on a weekend getaway, throw a party to make the most of this time that you have got.

Also, this way, you can stay safe from the hooligans on the roads, throwing eggs at you for their own cruel joy.

Scroll down and take notes on how to host the most colourful party of the year, that too, on short notice.

PS: this party will work in a fab way if you can manage to conduct it on the terrace or a garden. Your homes will just get too messy, and the next day will hit you in the face in a way more painful than a hangover.


Holi Party Tips_Hauterfly

1. Remember The Invites

The first thing to do is to design an invite that will spell fun. You don’t have to print and hand them out personally — send it out via WhatsApp or e-mail, and you’ll be good to go. Think of how much you are willing to spend and draw up the guest list accordingly. No need to invite your friend’s neighbour’s sister, okay?


2. A Holi Playlist Is Essential

No matter how much we love the western beats, on this day, they just won’t work. You have to go desi and show your mad moves on classics like Rang Barse or even the newbies like Balam Pichkari. The point is to do the snake dance and show off those crazy robot steps on these fun, high-energy tracks.


Holi Party Tips_Hauterfly

3. Keep An Array Of Snacks And Drinks

With all that dancing and hours of chasing people to smother them with colour, everyone is bound to get tired. Make sure you have tasty, hot, bite-sized food ready. Keep them pizzas and burgers away this once, and indulge in some of the yummy, street food that our country has to offer. Let go off your diet restrictions and hog on those samosas and jalebis!

And as for the drinks, you CANNOT forget bhaang and thandai, at any cost. But also keep soft drinks and juices for your non-alcoholic guests. Or if you want to mix it around a bit, you can keep bhaang cakes or ice-cream on the menu, instead of the real deal.


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4. Organic Colours Are Important

This is an important point and more people need to inculcate the habit of using organic, natural colours, instead of the harmful, regular ones. The colours with chemicals can cause a million problems and a few hours of happiness is just not worth the lifetime of grief, right? So, please take precaution and purchase them from places like FabIndia or Kama Ayurveda.


Holi Party Tips_Hauterfly

5. Create A Photobooth!

If there ever was a perfect time to take photos with your friends, it’s on Holi. The cartoons are legit ugly thanks to the colour, and you cannot miss but capture it. Have fun props, turn a part of your wall into a photobooth sorts and get ready to click away .


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