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Hindu Sena Threatens To Arrest Couples Celebrating Valentine’s Day In Public. Women Are Not Safe And This Is What They’re Worried About?

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I feel really bad for people who look at physical affection as vulgar. But it’s not just physical, even two people sitting peacefully having a great conversation at the waterfront can be called obscene, if in your head, it’s dirty. Somehow, India is a country that believes that any shred of romance in your life before marriage is sinful, and the display is tauba tauba. I feel bad for such people because they look at sex like it’s dirty and that kind of perception just makes me think it’s them who have dirty minds. They are living in a cocoon of orthodoxy.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, these love-haters take in their hands to destroy everyone else’s love life as well. Several political parties protest the celebration of V-day with a passion. Of course, when it comes to protecting women of the country, nobody shows even half of that aggression. They have their priorities, which seem quite skewed to me right now but whatever.

One of these parties, Hindu Sena from Delhi have already warned that those spreading “obscenity” will be handed over to the police and charged under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, which prohibits public display of physical affection. A few days ago, a group burnt down greeting cards while protesting Valentine’s Day.

Honestly, even though I am single AF right now and have been almost every Valentine’s Day, I feel scared to venture out or even be seen with a male friend. These so-called activists are known to humiliate any man and woman they find together on this day. Even if they are actually a couple, it’s sick to do that. They feel it’s appropriate to throw rotten tomatoes at them, beat them up, or shame them. Some parties threaten to report couple to the police or their parents, both options equally scary for these couples.

“Valentine’s Day is a western concept,” Hindu Sena said. Vishnu Gupta, Hindu Sena’s chief told IANS, “Our stand is consistent. We have not said anything new. Only that our views are wrongly perceived.” They have also claimed to have appealed to the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Union Home Ministry to look into this.

Why are they so much against love? Who hurt them? There’s so much hypocrisy in India. Is it that none of the men in these parties have experienced love? Or that they haven’t after marriage? People watch porn, have sexcapades but somehow everything is swept under the carpet to keep a façade of tradition alive. What are these traditional ideas even that restricts loving freely? I am not saying that one should simply get naked and have sex on the road but if a couple is nicely watching the sunset and even sharing a kiss, what the fuck is wrong with that?

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Do these “activists” raise so much voice when a man is humiliating or beating his wife in public? Or when a woman is eve-teased? This is nothing but an flagrant exhibition of double-standards in our society.

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