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Hindi Film Actress Malvi Malhotra Was Stabbed Thrice By A Man Whose Advances She Rejected. When Will Men Learn To Handle Rejection?

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Let’s be honest here, rejection sucks. It hurts not only your heart but also comes as a rough jolt to one’s ego, especially men who are entirely incapable of dealing with a no. Conditioned into believing that they are entitled to have everything, men like these are at a loss when faced with an outright rejection and often struggle with what should be the course of action. Allow me to tell you, it should be to leave her the fuck alone. But that’s not how it usually goes down. We say this after Hindi film actress Malvi Malhotra was stabbed by a guy after she turned down his marriage proposal.

The actress had gotten in touch with the suspect a year ago in 2019 through Facebook, where he posed to be a producer, interested in working with her. As time went by, Malvi and the suspect ended up becoming friends. However, since the guy wanted to marry her, Malvi stepped back and let him know that she wasn’t interested. She also stopped speaking to him since then and carried on with her life, hoping he’d have done the same. Except, the rejection didn’t sit too well with the guy, for he had other plans in his mind.

Last night, as Malvi was coming back to her place from a cafe in north Mumbai’s Versova area, the suspect who has now been identified as  Yogeshkumar Mahipal Singh, stopped by in an Audi car, asking Malvi why she had refused to marry him. When Malvi tried to explain to him how she was still not interested in the guy, and asked him to stop following her, he took out a knife and stabbed her three times. Once in the abdomen, and then on each hand.

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Within seconds, the narrative turned from a jilted lover, to an obsessive psychopathic one, one which we as women are sadly too familiar with. It read right out of the textbook, how a man was refused what he wanted, and took it as a personal hit to his masculinity which the society has always directed him to protect. But since we’ve not taught him how to deal without violence, this mindset lead to a vicious attack on Malvi.

For too long, the men around us have been fed with the idea of entitlement. So much so that, a slight detour from what they want in life, turns them into animals unleashed, ready to take what they believe is theirs, consent be damned. It starts small, with angry messages when dates are cancelled, turning into passive aggressive drunk phone calls and then escalates into either assaults, acid attacks or such attempts to murder. The fact that no amount of awareness or consequences is enough to make men realise how women are free to make their own choices, like they have been allowed to make theirs, is what is worrying for all women and their safety.

Meanwhile, a Mumbai police spokesperson who has commented on the matter shared, “The crime took place under the Versova police’s jurisdiction (western suburban Mumbai). A case of attempt to murder and stalking has been filed against him. We have started the process to arrest the accused.” We hope that the man doesn’t just get arrested, but is sentenced with no leniency for his actions. Women shouldn’t have to pay the price for men not knowing how to control their emotions or deal with rejection in a healthy way. This needs to change.

Malvi Malhotra has been admitted to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is currently undergoing treatment. We wish her a speedy recovery and all the strength.

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