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Hina Khan Opens Up About Her Horrible Experience With A Stalker. Is There Any Woman Who Hasn’t Been Harassed?

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One lazy Sunday evening, my friend and I decided to go for a walk. We were strolling down my lane, talking and laughing as usual when out of where these two guys on bikes came and tried and grope us. We screamed and they zoomed off so fast that it took us a few minutes to register what happened. Needless to say, that incident is burned into my brain forever. I have never been more terrified than I was at that moment and obviously, since we were very young at that moment we did not even know how to react.

The only reason I am writing about that particular incident to emphasize the fact that every woman has gone through some form of harassment. This isn’t an exaggeration, ask any woman they will tell you exactly this. It comes in various forms, from eve-teasing and passing lewd comments to some creep just staring at you continuously on the road. And it gets worse, when they touch you or grope you, but it never gets better.

Celebrities get harassed as well and it is worse for them. In a recent interview, Hina Khan shared her experiences with a stalker who just won’t leave her alone. She said, “There are stalkers since we are public figures and people love us. So, there have been instances where fans stand in front of your building for days. But it is okay. But there is this guy who still exists. This guy started off by sending messages. I don’t know him, and he started sending me long videos where he is howling. You would start feeling for him, and I texted back saying he needs to chill and that he needs to understand. But he didn’t.”

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She further added, “He started threatening me that he will slit his wrists or leave the house and I got scared. He used to leave me messages saying he will meet me at 1 PM but how, who, where, nothing at all. I used to fret leaving the house at that time. He has changed almost 20 numbers. Recently again, I blocked his number.”

Just reading about this sent a cold shiver through me. The people who do these are sick and frankly sociopaths. I have always wondered whether they really think if they call a woman continuously for days, harass her, threaten her she is going to fall madly in love with them and actually respond? They must know that no woman ever is going to react like that to advances like these.

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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how safe a woman is in this country. As glad as I am that people are finally paying attention to this crucial topic, I also feel like just talking about it is not going to help. We need to take steps to ensure every single woman, celebrity or not is safe out there. This happens on a day-to-day basis and we need to ensure this issue is first, heard, second, taken care of.

On the work front, Hina is neck-deep in promotions for her upcoming debut movie Hacked. The movie directed by Vikram Bhatt is a cyber-thriller based on a woman who is being stalked by a love-struck boy.

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