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Hima Das Wins India A Gold In The 200m Race While V.K Vismaya Wins Us A Bronze! These Indian Women Are Truly Rockstars!

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There are several kinds of runners in the world. There are the kinds who run from their doorstep to the nearest grocery store and call themselves super active. Then, there are the kinds who ‘claim’ to run every morning validating it with a selfie on Instagram. Then, there are runners like me who have mastered the art of running away from awkward situations like a pro and then finally there are the champion kinds, (the ones that really matter, honestly) like Hima Das, who bring India gold medals and put our name firmly on the map.

In a very recent and proud development, the India sprinter Hima Das has won gold in the women’s 200m race in a record 23.65s, with Russian sprinter Tamzin Thomas coming in a close second at 23.71 seconds. And to top it all, the third position in the 200 meter race was also bagged by an Indian – V.K Vismaya, and that’s just awesome. To think that we have two incredible Indian women representing us in the top 3 at the global level in the Ponzan Athletics Grand Prix, fills us with pride and gratitude.

This is a good time to be in sport. Sports besides cricket are just starting to get their due and it certainly helps that we are getting medals at an international level. Hima Das, and V.K Vismaya, are testimony that hard work pays off and that you will certainly be noticed. This was also Hima’s first 200 meter race for the year and even though the ace runner had been struggling with a persistent back problem for the past couple of months, she announced her grand return in style with this groundbreaking win. And even though her personal best time had been recorded at 23.10 seconds, she did not let a few extra seconds take a win away from her.

Hima Das previously has been the Junior World Champion and also a national record holder in the 400 m race and this medal is more than well-deserved. And considering this is the speed with which the 19-year-old is running towards her dreams, it’s going to only be a matter of time before she takes over the world and makes us more proud, if that is even possible.


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