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Hey Sara Ali Khan, Surely You Know Better Than To Offend People With A Photoshoot Like This?

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I consider myself a big Bollywood buff. It is my guilty pleasure to be well-versed with whatever is happening in and around the B-town. And while I’ve always ended up being a little disappointed with the actors at one point or the other, Sara Ali Khan came like a breath of fresh air.

The first interview I saw of her on BBC, and subsequently on Koffee With Karan where she acknowledged nepotism was exactly why we liked her in the first place. Which was further backed up by how well read, confident, funny and passionate she was about her acting career. We were genuinely swayed by the fresh and new spin she brought to the industry with her.

That was till she sneakily pulled off this photoshoot on us that made us stop in our tracks. Sara Ali Khan, till now the untainted star, landed herself plum in a pool of disregard and trouble for doing a shoot for Filmfare in Kenya that, get this, was not just borderline offensive, but racist and insensitive too.

For the uninitiated, the pictures from the shoot show Sara standing in the foreground with a man from the Masai tribe standing in the background as a mere prop. Not standing as much as jumping, since they are known for jumping straight up that makes him look almost photo-shopped. And it doesn’t stop there. They even photoshopped his shadow out, which, honestly is such an elementary mistake, we don’t know what to make of it. Surely Filmfare and Sara know better? The art director of the shoot? The editor of the magazine? Someone should’ve said, ‘Here’s an idea, how about we don’t use a human as a pole?’ and nipped this in the bud.

What we don’t get is how could a graduate from an Ivy-league college and a well-read girl as Sara make such an elementary mistake of not noticing the fact that the entire shoot is culturally appropriative where the presence of the Masai tribesman is absolutely redundant.

He is just there, in his tribal costume jumping, while they try to extract the essence of true culture out of it and fail miserably. Consider this, they could have used lamps, grass, a passing jeep, anything as a prop but no, they decided to go with a human being. And twitter agrees with us as it backlashes the young star for being so oblivious to something that was so obvious at the very first look.

Come on Sara, surely you know better?


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