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Here’s Why The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Should Be The One Thing You Watch This Weekend

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If you have not watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet, you are lucky ’coz you now get to binge-watch two seasons. In fact, you should go ahead and do a marvellous theme party and get your Mrs. Maisel fix with your girlfriends or loved ones (read adults) around.

If you are wondering about the time period and the weird costumes and the all Jewish references, don’t be. Just because it is set in 1950s doesn’t mean it is not relevant today. Mrs. Maisel or Midge as we know her is a woman after our own heart. But, unlike superheroes (read Wonder Woman) or the women achievers who we celebrate every year on Women’s Day, she is a regular woman like you and me.

In the first season, she is figuring out what to do with what she does best while navigating the same minefield that is patriarchy and misogyny. Just like us. In Season 2, she is figuring out what it is like to be comfortable in her own skin.

And as far as the Jewish customs are concerned, you can either google ’em or ignore ’em. It won’t take away from the experience we promise. Just like you don’t need to know whether Christmas is about the birth of Jesus or Santa to eat a yummy plum cake!

We know the ads have taken over your Insta feed and are all over YouTube, but don’t dismiss this one because it will live up to the hype. So get your fix of sass and spunk and add this show to your weekend playlist because you:

Marvelous Mrs Maisel 6

Like stand-up comedy?

Duh, who doesn’t?  What makes them click is that they are relatable. Like, what makes Trevor Noah funny is way he looks at his shocking childhood through a humorous lens without making it into a joke or taking away from the tragedy. That is exactly, what Midge does with her bits, she looks at what are now every day events like divorce and talks about it from a comic perspective. No sketch about it. No wigs or costumes. She will tickle your funny bone without even trying.

Marvelous Mrs Maisel 7

Like crazy?

No no…Crazy is good. Crazy is creative. Crazy is fun. And crazy is unpredictable. And it makes for a deadly combination with unique. There is nobody out there who is deadlier than Mrs. Maisel today. She is uniquely unpredictable in her journey along with her manager Amy. She will make you ache to follow your own heart.

Marvelous Mrs Maisel 5

Like to date?

Midge’s dating life should give you pointers on how to side-step losers and date men who matter. In a world where most women are expected to conform, Midge has the love and respect of men who know and love her for being rebellious self.

Like to be single?

And who better than single mom Midge and her mom to show us all how to liven it up when you are single. Her mom is still married but you have to watch the second season to make sense of that! The very fact that Midge doesn’t need a man’s approval to be who she is, is comforting. At the same time, she loves men and is not short of male company but on her own terms.

Marvelous Mrs Maisel 2

Like your career?

What better than to wake up and do something that gives you a sense of purpose? You don’t need to watch Mrs. Maisel to know the answer to that, but you need her to know how to look at life when things don’t go your way!

If you have not added the show already, let us know why. ’Coz if these reasons aren’t enough, you should watch it for the brilliant writing, Rachel Broshnahan’s Emmy winning performance and for the love of comedy!


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