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Here’s Why The #AmbaniWedding Has Us All Feeling Inadequate

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If Isha Ambani’s wedding celebration was a Bollywood movie, it would have the grandest opening of all and beat Bahubali’s pants off with star power. And taking centre stage in this spectacular drama are not the A-listers of Bollywood or the politicians, but India’s richest family.

On the one hand, they have a very talented and trained classical dancer in the bride’s mother Nita Ambani who performed ever so gracefully. On the other, they have the might of money which more than makes up for missing talent. How else would you explain Anant Ambani in the spotlight and Salman Khan as a background dancer? Since we have neither the talent nor the moolah, we’d gladly give over the dance floor to Dhinchak Pooja and let the bridal party take a backseat. And that itself is iffy because who knows whether the Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj girl will agree to perform.


Now while we can barely rustle up some excitement pre-wedding, the Ambanis came out all guns blazing. The pre-wedding bash  had Beyonce! She performed live in Udaipur, at a desi wedding, you guys!

Let’s all take a moment to soak that in.  I mean, if you’ve the money, you can get a queen to perform, right? To put thing into perspective (basically for us regular souls), we can’t get the  wedding DJ to agree to play Beyonce’s tracks at the sangeet instead of the set playlist of songs like Chittiya Kalaiyaan. Yup, yup we know what you are going to say: It’s not about luck, it’s just gonna cost you extra.


What’s it going to cost to have a spare celeb or two at our weddings, ones who didn’t get invited to the #AmbaniWedding? Oh wait! They invited everybody. All the Khans, check. The Bachchans, check. The newlyweds Priyanka, Deepika, their beaus, check. The Mittals, check. The list is too long and too illustrious to compile but you know who they are. But when you are going to blow some 100 million into a wedding, it’s only understandable that you’ve everyone you please, at the wedding.

Now, a wedding of this scale obviously comes with a few logistical problems as well. For example, the Udaipur airport is now overrun with charter planes as the who’s who descend upon the lake city. The skyline is dotted with choppers as VVIP guests reach the venue directly. No,  unlike us, these people are not glued to an app to get the cheapest tickets. Oh well.


While it was a lot of show and star power, they have a good heart as well. To kick off the festivities, the Ambanis decided to feed 5100 needy people. Wow, so they have money and a good heart? We can’t win. We simply have nothing going for us.

But all this, as the Bollywoodwalas would say, is just the trailer, the movie is yet to come. Like all desi weddings one thing we are sure to have in common with Isha and Anand’s special day is the shaadi ka khana. Whether it drops down in balloons like it did at her brother’s engagement or is fancier than a Michelin star Chef’s cuisine, we can only hope it is as awesome as that special live-counter wala caterer (we all have one of those) who we swear by!

If the flabbergasting opulence of this wedding is giving you a serious #FOMO, then share your comments below. Let’s all wallow in our regular lives and dig in to our favourite tub of ice cream as d-day takes over our Twitter and Insta feed!


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