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Here’s What Your Instagram Profile *Really* Say About You?

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Everyone knows you’re not really living unless you’ve posted updates about it on Instagram. For some, this comes easily. With perfect bios, and a beautifully colour-coded feed, our limited photo editing skills simply feel inadequate. On the other hand, a bunch of us are still trying to get the hang of the art of oversharing our lives. We follow all the cool kids on Instagram, mimic their style, ironically enough, to create a feed that echoes our individuality.

With more and more people judging you based on what you share online (basically Instagram if you’re the cooler set), you may think you’ve carefully curated the information you want to share in your bio. But your bio and feed aren’t the only things that reveal who you are. Here are the other things your Insta profile tells the people who follow you.

Privacy settings

I had kept my Instagram profile private for the longest of time because a) I like my privacy (introvert alert!) and b) internet is full of creeps. While it definitely says that online safety is a priority and you don’t have an affinity for unsolicited d*** pics, it could also make people believe that you are an introvert. While it’s not an absolute, this might be the conclusion people draw. This isn’t right or wrong, just says something about you.

Bio – Full of Fluff vs Clean Cut

Your bio says a lot about you, that’s the whole purpose, right? If you have a corny quote as your bio, you are one of those who would like to be perceived as deep (are you really?). Then, there are the comedians of Instagram who will try to crack a joke or two but when you DM them, they make watching paint dry become more interesting . Your bio is an insight into who you are, so keep it real.

The accounts you follow

This is a dead giveaway.  Who you follow is who you really are. Are you a meme collector?  Do you want to be #CoupleGoals? Cats and doggos? You either have a pet or wish you did. A lot of makeup brands? We see an addiction. Want to follow sexual stuff? Suggest you do it on another platform.

How often do you post?

Did you know that according to a research, people who post very often on Instagram are struggling with depression? That girl who bombards your feed with her smiling pictures of ‘livin’ the life’? She is probably struggling with anxieties no one knows about. But also this says that you might seek validation. Which is okay, as long as it is not what you live for.

Are you a commentator or a silent spectator?

I have some friends who no matter what I post, always drop in a comment. These are the same friends who then expect you to do the same when they post something. If not, then you are definitely breaking the unspoken (sometimes spoken) rule of online camaraderie. Also, did I mention they absolutely thrive on attention? Offline, these are the people who will do something nice for you, as long as you can return the favour.

Some of us on the other hand, will freely ‘like’ your posts but will rarely comment. We like minimal social interaction and we rely heavily on non-verbal communication. We are the types who has earphones in, like at all times.

Insta aesthetics

Is your insta feed colour-coded? You are probably a beauty guru or a fashion blogger. Do you have a feed full of monochromatic posts? You are a closet philosopher. Also, you think you are artsy and a good photographer. Every post is filtered 10000 times? You’re a narcissist who needs affirmation from your audience to feel valued. If the aesthetics take priority over authenticity, you might need a break from the platform.


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