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Hema Malini’s Election Campaign Is Awkward, Hilarious And Unconvincing!

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Actor-turned-politician-turned-meme queen, Hema Malini has been campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and we don’t understand what the person who decided how it should go down, was thinking. Her campaign features images of her with women on farms. Not so bad, you think. Oh but it is. When the women in the pictures looked alarmed, confused or both. Her campaigning has been a bunch of comedic episodes, and you know what happens with those. They become the fodder of memes by trolls or amused netizens.

All of it started when Hema Malini took to the road to start with her campaigns in Mathura and funnily enough, failed to get the show on the road. What should’ve been a heartfelt and honest appeal to the people for votes seemed more like a travel blog of a tourist who traveled to rural India for the first time. #FindYourself but more like #FindYourselfButBeComfortable

We won’t lie, she covered and traversed a lot of land. Her selfies with women workers, holding crops and sickle in hand at a field, waving at the people while looking out from the sun-roof of a Benz, are all proof, but the awkward pictures of her standing with these women or pretending to cut crops might be a PR stunt gone too far.

Did we mistake an election campaign for a Bollywood photo op, or did she? People across have been making use of every picture that is surfacing to call out what seems like a superficial attempt at gathering votes.

In either case, we do hope politicians recognise the need to connect with the people and offer them more than just a photo-bomb opportunity in their pictures. Don’t know about the votes, but she’s definitely earned some publicity while at it.


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