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Health Organisations Share How Singing Happy Birthday Twice Is The Length Of Time To Wash Your Hands During Coronavirus. Let’s Get Singing

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Like a lot of other people, I too have a habit of turning my bath time into a full blown concert, imitating the likes of Beyonce, busting out numbers in my croaky voice with my shampoo and conditioner bottles cheering on for me. And while all that  practice for a very unrealistic future is a good technique to relax myself for a while, seems like it could be put to a far greater use, with just a little modification.

As we’ve landed ourselves plum in this global pandemic and subsequently inside the 4 walls of our homes, those visits to the washroom have evidently increased and for good reason. WHO laid out guidelines and put out challenges like the Safe Hands campaign to spread the word on how not to wash our hands clean of social responsibility, by ironically washing our hands clean. And a fun way to do so, has reportedly been to extend your shower concerts to your basins, by singing a song or two even while washing hands.

Soap bars and sanitizers have never felt so relevant in their lives, and as this becomes one of the only things we can do to keep ourselves and those around us safe, washing hands is now of critical importance. And in order to shake things up a little, healthcare organisations have laid out a few songs that we can all sing every time we wash our hands to measure in the correct amount of time spent in doing so.

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And surprisingly enough, the two songs that have made the cut are “Happy Birthday” and “Stayin’ Alive”. Yes, putting a timer on a clock while doing it also works just fine, but have you ever tried singing two rounds of Happy Birthday to you in front of the mirror and relished in that make believe joy? Or sang Stayin’ alive which is so fascinating because that means that you also get to stay alive, which is wonderful.

Considering people are getting a little skittish and panic-y about the future, such measures that not only help you through this virus crisis but also keep you entertained are just what you need to keep things light and be prepared. For the grammys and the Coronavirus, both.

And for those of us like me, who have their birthdays approaching in the next month, consider this practice for your big night, for chances are, it would most likely be a party of one!

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