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#HauterflyOpinion: Bollywood Actresses Can Never Do The #10YearChallenge. Here’s Why.

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All of us, writers or normal eager millennials,  like our daily dose of celebrity stalking on social media, because how else do you know what they are up to? And as voyeuristic has it sounds, it’s what we do. When the #10YearChallenge started, we were expecting our celebrities to catch on put up pictures. As a publication, we wanted to talk about it. Turns out, no one really did it.  Then, when we were writing down our previous article about the 10-year challenge, we looked high and low and couldn’t find pictures of actresses that date back to the times when they weren’t all that glamorous or skinny.

Either this is some new age sorcery we’re unaware of, or these women/men have always been this perfectly groomed and amazing looking, which even for us – we suspend belief easily- is a little far fetched. But, the real question is why?

Be You They Said

Actors and actresses in the industry, time and again have claimed how it’s healthy to embrace yourself and have emphasised upon the importance of inner beauty over outward appearances. And all that is good and inspiring to hear, especially when it’s coming from celebrities we adore. But all starts to sound superficial and fake when pictures from them being, well, them, are missing from the internet unless you dig really deep. And by deep, we are talking parts of the internet that shouldn’t be seen.

While we don’t mind learning about self-love and acceptance from them, the fact that they always have their most flattering side to the camera and pictures from when they were fat or awkward as teenagers are still kept away from us, is disappointing. There are many young, impressionable girls dealing with real issues like these that would be heartened to know that the people who look perfect on screen also had to work towards it. That perfect isn’t how they look when they aren’t wearing makeup. That it is the effort of a stylist, a makeup artist, a hair stylist and a whole team that makes them look as effortless as they do on screen or otherwise. This glossed over, plucked and prim version isn’t real.

Keeping up with the perfect hair, perfect body, perfect skin is all good, but pretending as if that is how they’ve always been is where the problem lies. We see a lot of actresses coming out about how they’ve had to shed immense weight to enter the industry, but we never see them talk about how they’ve struggled with skin problems or how still maintaining a healthy figure is solid work and commitment and not something they were born with. Where’s the talk about body hair, periods, cramps, all the not-so-fabulous side to being a woman?

Guess societal pressure never did roll out of the picture, did it? Because in the real sense, we don’t really see anyone fulfilling the 10-year challenge. More like a 10-year long facade. But did we expect anything else?


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