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Meet The #HauteSquad: Aindrila Mitra

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So we’ve turned 1 *yay*! And now, FINALLY, we’ve decided to introduce the geniuses behind Hauterfly… ok, we’ve decided to introduce you to the #HauteSquad! So here’s your inside track into who brings you your favourite stories and the madness that goes on at Hauterfly HQ.

Grammar Nazi, dog-lover, and a Murakami fan, Aindrila joined the Hauterfly team as the Managing Editor of our soon-to-be launched men’s lifestyle website (yes, Hauterfly will have a bro soon. *yay!*). In case you’re wondering why there’s a woman on top of a men’s site, well, she’s got the moves, and for the most part, knows what men need to own, wear, and how to behave, much more than some men themselves! *winks* Besides, she loves Hauterfly (but naturally — she’s a shopaholic) and all those cool products she writes about for #Hautelist.

So what exactly is it that you do?

For the most part, I write about my favourite products (and it’s lovely that I actually get paid for it!). Spend precious time on Twitter and Insta (read: research). And try to gauge why guys love what they love (*rolls eyes*)!

What were you doing before this?

Heading the Communication and PR for this completely awe-effing-some avant-garde denim brand called DIESEL in India.

How did you get started at Hauterfly?

Once a journalist, always one. #LessonToNote  Being away from it for a few months had this gnawing effect and I knew I HAD to get back to content. I also wanted to be a part of the dynamic digital world, ’cause, c’mon, let’s face it, this is way cooler than newsprint from dead trees that often anti-climax as bhel puri plates.

I’ve been following The Hauterfly for a year now (yes, ever since it launched), and I’m in love with this young, spunky, all-things-stylish website, which is nothing short of an international magazine, only in digital format. So when I quit my last job, one of the first places I reached out to was Hauterfly. I had to be a part of this digital journey — young, optimistic, and all that I love. Fortunately, for me, it worked out fine. ‘The Secret’ has its perks, I tell ya! [LOL]

What’s the favourite part about your job?

This is my passion. And for me, work is not work ’cause this is what I’d do, even for FREE. If you look forward to coming to work every morning, you know you’re in the right place, with the right people. #ILoveMyJob

And the least favourite?

The game of musical chairs at work. Well, yes, we’re young, growing, and need more space. Every day! And we often fall short of chairs. Literally. #StartUpLife

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jo Elvin with the pixie hair. Seriously.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants a job like yours?

Never shy away from taking risks. And if you’re addicted to Refinery 29, Thrillist, Askmen, and FB, Insta, Twitter, you know where you need to be.

Tell us something weird about you!

I totally dig dogs more than humans. And I’ve found my dog soul in my pet lab, Hippie.

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