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Hardik Pandya Got Engaged And People Are Talking About His Skin Colour. Racism Or Just Jealousy That He Got A Gori?

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I am no fan of Hardik Pandya. Oh, not because of what he does in the field of cricket, because I know he’s pretty good at the game. I just got very put off by his comments on Koffee With Karan. In case you’re forgetting, he went on that show, boasted about he has slept with multiple woman and talked about women like they were mere conquests and if I could, I would’ve punched him through the screen.

But that’s not the point of this article. This New Year, while we were celebrating and getting drunk out of our brains, Hardik Pandya proposed to his girlfriend Nataša Stanković, a Serbian actress who is working in Bollywood now. And obviously, the congratulations poured in. Most people were happy for the couple.

You would think that would be that and now, everyone is going to look forward to a big, fat wedding. Nope, the whole conversation has turned into some ugly war about Hardik Pandya being dark and him punching above his weight and landing a girl who is a gori.

I know. You’d think that with 2020 here that we wouldn’t have that mentality. But you would be wrong. The comments section is filled with assholes who’ve written things that smack of blatant racism. I imagine they think they are funny and looking for validation for their humour but this is just rubbish. Things like ‘Titliyoon ko nai milre phool, kawve pee rahe amul kool’ (Butterflies can’t find their flowers, crows are drinking milk) which obviously talks about the colour difference in the couple. Or this stud who thought he was hilarious when he wrote ‘When venila meet brownie’. First of all, Google spellings if you don’t know and secondly, get your head out of your racist ass.

While these are already horrible, there are so many salty men in the comments, it’s downright awful that they are allowed to express their opinion. From called Natasa names because they know who her ex boyfriend was (Aly Goni, TV actor) to commenting on how she’s so fair, they can’t believe she fell for Hardik, it’s all very ugly in the comments section of this post.

And this has gone on for so long. There’s just so much drama around being able to land yourself a gori mem, like it’s somehow an achievement. Apparently, we Indian women are no catch if there’s a fair coloured woman to be had. This explains why a lot of Indian men with their over-inflated sense of self are still so fucking single ki woh abhi bhi karke nahi aaye hai.

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