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Harassed By 4 Guys, 2 Girls Jump Off A Moving Bus After The Driver Refuses To Stop

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Almost as if in an automated response to a bone-chilling rape case, the people of our country, woke only in light of a tragedy may react to such news with vigorous protests, and candle-lit marches and demands for women safety. But when an actual incident is taking shape, most people are comfortable witnessing it from the sidelines or worse – enabling perpetrators with their sheer negligence and disregard for humanity. As we saw happening in yet another incident, where two girls who were being harassed on a bus, had to jump off of it, because the driver wouldn’t stop.

An incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh, had two girls studying in the 12th standard, jump off from a moving bus after four youths kept harassing them and passing lewd remarks, all the while the driver of the bus refused to make a stop and let the girls get down.

Feeling forced, threatened and left with no choice, these two school girls did what they could to save from matters getting any worse, and jumped. But what actually got hurt was our faith in humanity, as we got to know that the driver who was well-aware of the threat that the girls might face from the guys didn’t not choose to pull the brakes, but accelerate the bus.

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Reports that have elaborated the incident share that the two girls were both residents of Ranhera village and had boarded the private bus headed towards Bulandshahr occupying seats in the middle of the vehicle. A little later into the trip, four men started to eve tease the women and passing absolutely horrendous remarks on the two, making them too uncomfortable.

Despite several requests, the driver refused to show any ounce of concern, sympathy or even humanity as he said things like, ‘aaj to nahi rukegi bus’ (today the bus will not stop) and ‘mazaa aa gaya’ (it’s going to be fun today).

One of the two girls was even quoted saying, “We sensed trouble and went towards the back of the bus from the middle as we were scared. My friend again asked to bus driver to stop but he continued to drive. Then we jumped from the bus one by one,” enduring several injuries, where one got hurt her head, foot and waist while the other sustained a hand and a leg fracture.

This is worryingly reminiscent of the 2012 Nirbhaya incident where a young girl was brutally raped in a bus.

What irks us in this situation is not just how casually men found it to prey on school going girls in a bus, but how nonchalantly the driver disregarded their plea to safety and put their lives in danger, part-taking in the harassment in equal measure.

Meanwhile, the bus driver has been booked under Sections 279 (rash driving), 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life) and 337 (causing hurt to any person) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Police further stated that the driver has apologised and the matter is being resolved.

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