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10 Incredible Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip!

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You know you are an adult when you go about doing your own grocery shopping while actively trying to avoid the chocolate and chips aisle. It’s also when you keep a keen eye on the cart, there’s that much you want to spend on restocking your pantry. But are you even a functional adult if you don’t duck into the cheese aisle anyway? And we are in awe of people who have the will power to not buy stuff they do not need. I mean, we mainly buy things because we “ feel like it”. Of course, this does not help the wallet or the budget and towards the end of the month, we have no money for lunch.

See, making the best of a shopping experience doesn’t need to be a task, as long as you’re well prepared, promise to not get distracted and have some amount of self-control.  If you don’t, don’t fret it, we have 10 tips on how to make the best of your shopping trip without breaking the bank.

1. Never shop hungry

First things first, never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You are going to make bad choices. You’ll buy more food than necessary and most of it will be really bad for your waistline. Have a quick bite before you go in order to avoid over- shopping for junk food like chips and cola.

2. Avoid buying frozen fruits and veggies

Frozen vegetables can be more expensive than actually stocking up on the seasonal fruits and veggies and putting them in the freezer. That explains my mom’s hoarding of  10 kgs of peas for use throughout the year.

3. Make a list and stick to it

The plan is to make a list and stick to it. It is not to abandon the list and go amok at the store. A list will make your life a lot easier. It will keep you in check when it comes to shopping for food and you will walk out of the store with exactly what you need and nothing more. So that bag of Cadbury won’t just crawl into your kitchen out of nowhere.

4. Avoid buying out of season vegetables and fruits

Buying strawberries in February is a strict no-no! Off season products come from faraway places and will perish faster.  Also, these cost more and you’ll end up spending the extra rupees for nothing. Stick to what’s in season.

5. Don’t buy anything from the checkout counter

Grocery stores everywhere love luring the customer with impulse buy. They will place delicious treats, candies and mints at the counter. Beat them at their own game. Don’t fall for it. Even if they cheekily ask you to take one for avoid giving you change. Nope, you are stronger than that.

6. Look into substituting pricey ingredients

If your recipe calls for a meat which is expensive, replace it. Or get a substitute. Exotic ingredients, fancy cheeses etc. are great for authenticity but are also really trying on your wallet. Play around and replace the ingredients with cheaper options and you will save some big bucks in the long run.

7. Try to buy in bulk

It is always cheaper to buy in bulk, especially when it comes to products like paper napkins, chips, etc. However stay away from perishable items in bulk purchases since you might not even get through all of them before they expire.

8. Look into grocery pickup

There are several stores that offer free grocery pickup or even delivery. If you are an impulse shopper who will pick up anything and everything from the racks, then this will definitely save you a lot of money.

9. Avoid buying bottled water

Water is available anywhere. There is literally no need to buy bottled water, unless you are going to be on the road for a long time with no access to a store. And when does that even happen? Plus, you can always fill up an old bottle from home and take it with you. It’s good for the environment and you.

10. Don’t buy things on sale that you wouldn’t buy in the first place

Everyone is guilty of this one. Items on sale always look tempting to purchase.  ‘It is 80% off,’ you tell yourself thereby buying diapers. And you don’t even have a baby. Point is, YOU DON’T NEED IT!


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