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The Gym Bag You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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I’m one of those people who likes dressing up to the gym. You never know who’ll you meet, right? So yes, I have a carefully curated workout wardrobe, complete with cute head bands, wrist bands, and a pouch for my phone too. But for the longest time, I couldn’t zero in on the perfect gym bag. They’re all either too large, or just plain eyesores!

If you’re having the same kind of trouble, allow me to let you in on the solution. What would you say to a gym bag for your zodiac sign? You really can’t go wrong with that, can you? So, to make things easier, we did the hunting for you. Here are some of the cutest gym bags that you’ll absolutely love, based on your zodiac sign.

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The House Of Tara Teal And Brown Bag (Rs 1979)


The Aries girl isn’t one for organisation. I mean, have you ever seen her closet? So when it comes to her gym bag, she definitely needs one with compartments. This elongated teal bag is a perfect match, we think.

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Red Puma Shoulder Bag (Rs 779)


A Taurus girl knows exactly what she needs. She won’t carry anything extra or less with her. This red shoulder bag is ideal to fit all her gym essentials without being too bulky.

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Decathlon Fitness Bag (Rs 799)


The Gemini girl is very creative and her love for prints is here to stay! I mean, if she could DIY a bag, she most definitely would. So a nice printed bag is perfect for her, as long as it is cute and not too over the top.

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Nylon Softsided Bag (Rs 545)


Cancerians are all about fitting in with the crowd, and sporting the latest trends. She’ll probably have the coolest products even before you spot them in the stores. This bag with a neat side pocket for shoes is so her style!

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Printed Black Bag (Rs 399)


A Leo girl is extremely goal-oriented, and knows exactly what she wants. She’s also highly focused and motivated. This striking bag with a motivational quote is right up her alley for sure.

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The House Of Tara Pink Bag (Rs 1799)


Everything must be perfectly accessible for the spic-and-span Virgo girl. Whether it is hanging her clothes in her closet by colour or lining up all her lipsticks according to shade, she wants everything in order. This bag is spacious enough to fit all her belongings, and keep them easily accessible.

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Blue Puma Workout Bag (Rs 1924)


Librans hate being alone; they definitely need their gym partners alongside them. In fact, if she could, she’d invite a crowd to work out with her. Her bag definitely needs to be big enough to fit a lot of stuff, and this one is it!

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Brown Leatherite Gym Bag (Rs 290)


One of the most minimal but classiest girls of zodiac is the Scorpio girl. She would most likely avoid all the jazz, and go with something chic and understated like this classic piece.

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Navy Blue & Red Gym Bag (370)


If a Sagittarius girl could attend a meeting, chill with her friends, and do push-ups at the same time, she most definitely would! She is always on the go, and definitely needs a bag that’s perfect outside the gym as well.

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Puma Sports Bag (Rs 1019)


The most disciplined of the lot would be a Capricorn. She prefers a simple lifestyle, whether it’s what she eats or what she wears. A dark coloured athletic bag that’s functional is perfect for her.

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Shadow Women’s Handbag  (Rs 750)


This girl will say it like it is. She will stay true to her personality no matter what. If she is feeling the nautical vibes and is all set to rock that beach body, then this is just what she needs.

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Adidas Red Tiro Bag (Rs 3299)


If you spot a girl with the brightest coloured bag from across the room, she most definitely will be a Pisces girl. Her loud personality shines through in her clothes and accessories. For her, the brighter the better. So this bag certainly makes the cut.


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