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Gurugram Police Use Kabir Singh Meme To Convince Riders To Start Wearing Helmets! This Is The Only Good Thing To Come From The Movie

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I love my job, but I wouldn’t lie about the fact that sometimes it does get a little too intense even for a person like me, who can go on and on about about sharing her two cents about all things feminism. And it is during those times, especially when you’re in the middle of the week with one whole day still left to go till the weekend comes around, that you desperately make rounds on social media to come across something that makes you smile. And today, that reason for a smile has turned out to be the rather unexpected tweet from the Gurugram Police that has recently dropped in a meme that had them gain our respect!

Not usually known for getting sunny positive responses from the public about their working style, we have been left rather surprised and impressed at the same time after they decided to play around with a scene from the ever controversial and rubbish movie Kabir Singh, and transformed it into a piece of advice for the bike riders.

Using a still from the movie that starrer Shahid Kapoor in the titular role, Gurugram Police sought to try their hands at innovation and humour to make people aware about the importance of wearing a helmet while driving or even riding a two-wheeler. Sharing a tweet of Shahid Kapoor from the movie where he can be seen riding a motorcycle, except in this case, there has been a helmet photoshopped on his head, the Gurugram Police has captioned the post , “Jab khud bachoge tabhi Preeti ko bacha paoge (You can protect Preeti only when you save yourself).”

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And honestly, we think it was the only good thing that has come out from a misogynistic crap movie like Kabir Singh anyway! The scene is essentially from the time in the movie where an angry Kabir Singh sets off on his bike, without a helmet of course, to avenge the inappropriate behaviour shown to his girl, Preeti aka Kiara Advani. And the caption from Gurugram police couldn’t have come off as more apt!

Lauded and appreciated by many on twitter, including us, the Gurugram Police has finally managed to break ice with the twitterverse with such hilarity. With twitterati leaving more than 13 thousand likes and 3 thousand retweets, the post has honestly come across as a breath of fresh air! Along with a subtle message to the Bollywood fraternity, how perhaps the movies and movie makers need to be a little more careful in showing the traffic rules as they should be, without having the protagonists disobeying them and influencing millions to do the same! But then again, this is Kabir Singh, so…

Clearly, the police can be now seen spreading the word the millennial way on social media, and with sass no less. We love it!

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