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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Guru Randhawa, Dhvani Bhanushali’s Baby Girl. Mainly Ki, What Are Those Lyrics?

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If you’ve been following Hauterfly, you know that we share our thoughts on a lot of random videos and movie trailers. What a job, right? However, after watching the Baby Girl video, I realised it’s not all that fun. The song, featured on Guru Randhawa and Dhvani Bhanushali, might just be one of the worst Punjabi songs ever made. The video is equally, if not more, idiotic. The entire song is about the guy wooing the girl. As most Punjabi songs are. But the lyrics, bizarre outfits and everything else about it just make it hard for anyone to sit through the three-and-half minute song. 

So, without further ado, here are 5 thoughts we had while watching the Baby Girl video.

PS: Watch the video before you read on. It’ll be worth it. 

1. What is happening in this Baby Girl video? *raises one eyebrow*

Okay, I love Punjabi songs. Everything about them makes you want to get up and start grooving. But this song, Baby Girl, made me want to stick multiple Q-tips in my ears. Let me put it this way. If this song was the first Punjabi song that I’d heard, I’d be extremely put off by the entire genre. Which would, of course, be a shame considering I would then miss out on all the other songs by Guru Randhawa that are far, far better. This one, though, is beyond me. 

2. The lyrics of this song make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Laugh at their stupidity and cry because, well, it makes me realise how far we have fallen. For instance, “Hoke Ve Taiyaar / Chali Shopping Nu Haan Yaar / Mere Bill De Chukk Le Bhaar / Then I’m Your Girl Baby Girl Baby.” Basically, the girl is telling the guy that she is going shopping and if he wants to be with her, he must pay all her bills. In the stanza after this, she gives him a long list of things that she wants. Matlab, why? Why must girls be portrayed so shallow and why must loyal audience (us, obviously) be subjected to this? I would listen to Badhshah’s Genda Phool on repeat over this and that’s saying something. 

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3. Let’s talk about the ending of Baby Girl’s video, shall we?

The entire last stanza consists of two words. Yes, you guessed it. “Baby” and “Girl”. It feels like they ran out of fucks to give by the end. I mean, we know it’s the song’s name! You don’t have to keep repeating it like a broken record. Also, did anyone else find it super weird that Guru and Dhvani are sitting on that beach rubbing their hands and saying the two same words over and over again? It was a super strange moment. 

4. Is it, like, an unwritten rule somewhere that all Punjabi songs must have a fair-skinned girl, loads of fancy vehicles and weird hand gestures?

These are the quintessential elements of any Punjabi video. Even in this one, when the song opens, Guru is sitting on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket and pouting for some reason. Side note, if you look close enough, you will notice the jacket has the word “creep” written on the back. Irony? I think so. Anyway, in one scene, he actually compares Dhvani to a “Lambo car”. Ugh, objectifying much? Maybe it’s time for them to move on from this stencil that they have created for their lyrics. 

5. Okay, I’m sorry but I can’t get over Guru’s yellow and blue camouflage print hoodie and sweatpants.

It looks like something a person would wear on Halloween. That outfit really deserves an award for being one of the horrendous pieces of clothing to feature in a music video ever. Maybe, instead of paying for his Baby Girl’s shopping, he could’ve asked her to pick something better out for him instead. Just saying!

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