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Gujarat’s First Transgender Doctor Froze Her Sperm To Be Able To A Biological Child Later.

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In our country, to be recognized and respected, you are either born a man or a woman who strictly conforms to society’s gender-oppressing norms. Anything other than these two binaries will leave you fighting for every basic right. The Indian LGBTQ+ community is a testament to this. However, life is particularly difficult for transgender people who have to scramble even for basic acknowledgement. Hopefully, there will come a time when life for transgender people is not such an uphill battle. But until then, all we can do is celebrate every small victory and give platforms to their incredible life journey’s. Today we are talking about Dr Jesnoor Dayara, Gujarat’s first transgender doctor, and her fight to have her own biological kid. Her story is heart-warming.

According to a TOI report, Gujarat’s first transgender doctor, 25-year-old Dr Jesnoor Dayara was born in the small town of Godhra in Panchmahal. She speaks about always feeling like a woman trapped in a man’s body. Jesnoor wanted to come out and talk to her parents but like most members of the LGBTQ+ was afraid of their reaction. Eventually, she went to Russia to earn her MBBS degree and that’s where she was able to finally be herself. Jensoor said it was liberating to not have to suppress her identity and emotions any longer. Story tugging at your heartstrings yet?

Dr Jensoor told TOI that it has always been her dream to have a biological child of her own. She said, “Goddess Kali has given me the strength to become a woman. A woman can be a father, a mother, and a friend as the need arises. A uterus does not make a mother, a loving heart does.”

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She has gone to great lengths to accomplish this dream of hers. Ahead of her sex-change surgery, Jensoor cryopreserved four vials of her semen on Monday. She preserved the sperms at Dr Nayana Patel’s hospital in Anand so in the future when she chooses to have a biological child and be its mother, she can. It’s actually an ingenious idea, don’t you think?

At the moment, Dr Jensoor is prepping for the Medical Council of India examination so she can practice medicine in India. She will undergo a sex-change surgery later this year. After that, she will embark on the journey to motherhood. When the time is right, Dr Jensoor said she will opt for surrogacy. She will use her frozen sperm samples and will need an egg donor. After procuring these two, she will look for a surrogate mother to carry the embryo that will be created in the laboratory by fertilizing the egg with her sperm.

If this entire process isn’t complicated enough, the journey is filled with hurdles. The biggest being The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019. According to this bill which is yet to be passed by the Upper House of the Parliament, LGBTQ couples, live-in couples, and single males cannot opt for surrogacy in India.

Dr Jensoor is aware of this bill and is determined to not let it stop her from having a biological child of her own through the surrogacy method. She said, “To become a mother, I will not be shy in seeking surrogacy options around the globe. It has taken a lot of courage for me to accept myself and make my family and society accept me. I want to write a new chapter for myself and others like me by becoming a biological parent.”

Her perseverance is inspiring. Dr Jensoor has made her place in a world that was all set to shut her out. The bill that stops her from using the surrogacy method to have her child is problematic on every level. Why shouldn’t transgender’s have the same rights straight people have?

Dr Jensoor went on to tell TOI that our country should allow transgender people to take the surrogacy route to have children. She said, “As a country, we need to be compassionate to each human’s biological desires.”

She has worked very smartly and taken all the right avenues to have a biological child and I can’t help but be awe-struck at her determination. Let’s all hope everything works out for her and achieves her dream of being a mother.

More power to Dr Jensoor!

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