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We Found The Most Gorgeous Dinner Date Spot In The City And It’s Magical

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If you are looking at gifting bae the perfect romantic date night, with an elaborate 7-course dinner to boot, then the trek to Grasshopper on Bannerghatta Road — might be totally worth it.


Ten-Second Takeaway

Let me tell you, if you are looking at quick dinner scenes, then you are in the wrong place. Because at Grasshopper, time literally stands still.

The service is paced out and never intrusive, you are expected to chill with a glass of wine, have a proper conversation set to the tune of soothing jazz in the background, and admire the twinkling lights and the stars. Everything is made fresh and from scratch, so the time taken between courses is considerable. But the wait is worth it, and we mean it.

Set in a sprawling farm house, owned by Himanshu Dimri and Sonali Sattar, it is hard to believe that Grasshopper is located just 5 minutes away from fumes and traffic-laden Bannerghatta Road. Once you enter, you will be welcomed by bamboo thickets, gentle pools, and the restaurant setting is completely al fresco with candlelit tables (yes, mark this spot for romance 101), and fresh flowers.

As you enter, the resident doggies (there are 4) welcome you and lie just within ear scratching reach, but are never nosy. The restaurant also has a boutique that offers resort wear, beautiful jewellery, kiddie books, and some designer crockery.


Summer Wine

Before going to Grasshopper, you will get a call from Sonali, to ask you about your dietary preferences. Grasshopper has recently introduced a couple of summer dishes to their menu, crafted by chef Pritham Kumar, and we went to try those out.

Once you have made your choice between beer, wine, or mocktails, just sit back and enjoy the ambience with its candlelit tables and freshly cut flowers. Our first dish was a cucumber gel (little chunks of jelly) with fresh cucumber, cream cheese with tarragon, and flying fish roe.

The fresh cucumber flavours paired rather well with the herb-scented cream cheese and the roe added little spurts of fishiness to this little dish.

Next up was a roasted grape crostini with lime scented ricotta, pine nuts, and rosemary. The sweet and tart grapes had been roasted to bring out their flavours, and they went so well with the ricotta.

But the star of the night was our prawn with sesame, ginger, and mango. These were plump prawns coated in a delicious sesame sauce with fresh ginger, slivers of mango, and seaweed. This was followed up by summer salad with oranges, walnuts, and olives.


From The Salty To Sweet

The newest dish in the mains section was a beautifully grilled sea bass served with a roasted pepper puree, a seaweed salad, and some crispy ginger (this could our new snack of choice). But our personal favourite was the succulent lamb roundels drenched in a meaty red wine sauce, and served with herbed potatoes and a zucchini pappardelle.

You have to do desserts at Grasshopper, because really, this what they’re ace at. The summer additions included a beautiful organic honey and cinnamon ice cream, which we followed up with a sweet and chilled orange panna cotta, drizzled with a pomegranate reduction.

But trust us, you need to try the dark chocolate ganache, paired with a slightly pungent mustard ice cream. This one’s truly a keeper.

Price: Rs 4,000 plus tax for a 4-course meal and Rs 5,000 plus tax for a 7-course meal.
Contact: Call 080 26593999 or 080 65665130 to make a reservation.
Timings: Currently, Grasshopper is only open for dinner, 7.30pm onwards.

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