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Google Chrome Has Launched Netflix Party Which Helps You Quarantine And Chill With Your Friends Virtually. This Will Make Social Distancing Much More Bearable.

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Until now, I used to believe I am an introvert while my editor has been telling me I am delusional *shrugs* It’s only now that I realised I am not quite an introvert. With social distancing and self-quarantining advised in India because of the coronavirus pandemic, I am finding it very hard to feel content without interacting with people. It’s just day one of us working from home and while I am enjoying the comfort of my pyjamas and bed, I am terrified that I will be home bound forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s highly important that all of practise social distancing and I am doing it too, but with a heavy heart. For someone who likes to go out, it’s really difficult to stay indoors but we are all trying to find the silver lining here. So until we can actually socialise in person, Google Chrome has come to rescue and given us a different way of connecting with friends.

A Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party enables you to watch your favourite movies and shows with your friends at the same time. You also have the option to play/pause and chat with your friends. So what if you cannot Netflix and chill in real life? With this extension you can do it virtually and millennials are quite well-versed with all things digital.

With this feature, you can host Netflix parties and using a link, invite people to join in. You can choose to keep the control of playing/pausing the videos or allow anyone in the party to do that. I think it’s amazing because it’s not like we have a lot to do at home. And while you can watch Netflix alone, it’s so much better when you do it with friends.

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I think this feature works well for couples too. I mean now that they can’t really use Netflix and chill as an excuse to canoodle, they will probably really have to watch the film. Anyway, I feel this makes social distancing a lot more bearable!

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