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This Is The Most Gorgeous Adult Colouring Book We’ve Seen Yet!

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Are you one of those girls who likes to sit down with your nephew or niece and help them colour into their cute little colouring books? I need to confess I’m one of those people too! Colouring is such a soothing and peaceful activity. I think that it’s the best way to relax after a really trying day. But guess what? Thanks to Good Earth, we folks don’t need to rely on the Doras and the Mickeys of the world for our regular colouring fix anymore.

Good Earth is one of our favourite luxury retail stores, and in order to ring in their 20th anniversary, the creative minds behind the brand have launched a gorgeous new adult colouring book in conjunction with Penguin Publications. And it’s not just any wishy-washy theme. The book is titled Bagh-E-Bahar — A Mughal Garden and it’s the most majestic colouring book you may ever lay your eyes on. Anita Lal, the founder and creative director at Good Earth says about the book, “I have a personal and instinctive leaning towards the Mughal style, which represents the finest amalgam of Persian, central Asian and indigenous Indian style.”


Bagh E Bahar Coloring Book For Adults Inpost_Hauterfly

Bagh-E-Bahar — A Mughal Garden Colouring Book

Good Earth Inpost_Huaterfly

Bagh-E-Bahar — A Mughal Garden Colouring Book

If you ever wanted to feel like royalty, now is the time. The 100 odd pages of this book are filled with beautiful illustrations of Mughal gardens and architecture, so get ready to traverse through elaborate palaces and flora and fauna. The exotic birds and animals are all just waiting patiently to be filled in with some jewel-toned hues.

The book also includes a number of quotes by the Persian poet Rumi reminding us of the romance of an era gone by. But do you know what the best part about this is? If you would like to make someone’s day by giving them this beautiful book, you can opt for the gift version. It comes wrapped in a specially designed box, along with some perfumed Neroli water. You can dip your crayons or pencils into this water and give the pictures a few strokes. It will end up looking like a stunning water colour canvas. So go on and unleash the artist in you!

SHOP NOW: Bagh-E-Bahar — A Mughal Garden Adult Colouring Book (Rs 899)

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