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6 Girls Talk About Their First Crush… And Yes, It’s Hilarious!

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We all have crushes. For some of us, it’s one person for years, and for others, it changes every day. But, our first crush will always be memorable. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat the creatures that our very first infatuations were. Oh, gems!

Innocence that mistook a generous offering of butter chicken as a token of affection. Well, if someone gives that to me now, I might not go all gaga, but it was so adorable back then.

Whether at school or in our neighbourhood, ’em first boys were antique museum pieces. Like, most of the times if you see them now, you may want to barf. Imagine, Bobby Deol after a shock treatment. Yup, precisely that.

So, watch this fun video that shows 6 girls, just like you and me, describing their ‘first love’, and giggle at the happy coincidence!


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