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Kangana Breaks The “Girls Don’t Fight” Stereotype With Reebok

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“Girls don’t fight!” Ever wondered how this statement came about? How women ended up being the weaker sex? Why were we told we could not fight back in the first place?

Frustrating no doubt, this age-old stereotype still exists — but you no longer have to be bogged down by it. It’s time to pick yourself up and shatter the myth that’s holding you back. And who better to show you how than the Queen, Kangana Ranaut?

In the #GirlsDontFight campaign for Reebok, Kangana inspires her viewers to step up and face challenges, rather than succumb to what others think is “appropriate”. When you don’t back down and accept defeat, the challenges most definitely will!

Focusing on the issue of eve-teasing, the film tells you that silence should be the last thing you resort to. No matter what the challenge, you can rise above it and fight back.

Women have been conditioned to believe that they’re limited, thanks to their gender. From a lower pay grade at work to having to fight for our rights at every point, society has always told us that we’re not worth the trouble — so why bother, right?

“Why are you studying further? You’re already married, right?”, “Does your father allow you to stay out this late?”, or the classic “This behaviour is okay if you’re a boy; this isn’t ladylike.” — all statements and questions that have been passed as a gender norm.

And guess what: We adhere to all of it!

Well, not anymore. Breaking the norms, this kickass film encourages women to find their inner strength to fight back — to have a voice of our own and make everyone hear it out loud. After all, boys aren’t the only ones who deserve to live life on their own terms!

Have you ever been in a situation where you fought back against stereotypes? Share your story on social media with #fittofight or write in to

* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Reebok.


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