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Gillette’s New Ad Smashes Gender Stereotypes And We Applaud It

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Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything or anyone. Gillette’s new ad film, reminds all of us, that being a woman has nothing to do with being able to inspire men or anyone else for that matter.

The two and half minute video, starts with monologue of a young boy, to whom an understanding of the world and how it works, stems out of seeing how things already are. The ad presents his world view with his voice over, as he makes sense of what he sees. He sees boys taking over their family businesses while women are to take over the household chores and kitchen. This is the narrative he notices, without bias. But this changes when he comes across two women, Neha and Jyoti in his village of Banwari Tola, owning and working at a barber’s shop in his village.

Created by advertising agency Grey India, and launched by Gillette, the campaign is an interesting take on the widespread misogyny in our country. Their ‘Safalta Apni Muthi Mein’ programme, which this ad is a part of, is meant to enable the dreams of the younger generations and influence the society towards a more balanced paradigm. While we aren’t saying this will completely turn things around, at least it’s a start. We say it’s a start because even as we talk about women and there’s nothing to stop them, a Gurugram aunty is in the news for shaming girls for their clothes.


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