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Gauri Khan’s Recent Throwback Picture of Her Husband And Kajol In Baazigar Reminded Us Our Fashion Disasters And It’s Hilarious

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I like to think that at 23 right now, I look fairly decent. A good head of hair, average height, sharp features and a fit and fine body. Basically nothing to complain about. But I’d be lying if I ever claim, that back in the day, when I was still in my early years of childhood and teens, I looked even half as good as I do now. Quite opposite actually. A fact that my brother and my friends never let me forget, courtesy my hideous facebook pictures, dating back to the times I looked like I did not own a mirror. But what makes me feel good about it, is the fact that I may not be alone in realising that the 90s or early 2000s, were a bad looking phase for all of us. It was a phase for bad fashion. And in my support, I present Exhibit A – a recent post by Gauri Khan where she talks about the horrifying outfit that she made her husband wear.

Gauri Khan, the ace interior designer and wife to the king of Bollywood, took to her IG account yesterday to share a throwback picture to the time she styled her husband Shah Rukh Khan and actress Kajol for the film Baazigar. Now, first of all, it could cause intense pain to your eyes but then second of all, why were the 90s a time for such horrible fashion? Then again, it is pretty relatable. It reminded us of the time we would put lurid prints together to create a look.

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The throwback image is of the 1993 hit film Baazigar, with Shahrukh and Kajol looking absolutely, for the lack of a better word, traumatising. Wife Gauri Khan who styled her husband’s look for the song ‘Ye kaali kaali aankhen‘, has him wearing a legwarmer tee, with a bright red-light open shirt, a bullet belt (apparently that is a thing) and a black pair of jeans. And after seeing this, we have new found respect for the kind of practical joke the missus was able to pull off on the silver screen during that time. I mean, the guy looks like he was made to wear such an assortment of clothes at gun point, because that would be the only thing that would explain this.

I mean, no offense to the movie or the actors, hell we love Shahrukh Khan and Kajol together on screen, but the fashion faux pas must be mentioned. Which in turn led us to throwback to pictures of ourselves in the 90s, where we shouldn’t have been allowed to step out and scare people like that. It was like halloween 365 days of the year. But guess that’s where the fun lies, in growing up not just in years, but in fashion and choices.

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