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Game Of Thrones Season Finale Is Out, And Here Are 12 Memes That Perfectly Describe It

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SPOILERS AHEAD! So the epic drama series, Game Of Thrones has ended, and fans are anything but happy! But not for obvious reasons. It’s the sloppy writing that’s got them in a funk. The season finale, which aired on May 19, started off with Daenerys being killed by Jon Snow and later taken away by her dragon (something we didn’t see coming). WTF?! Is that what the writers consider character development? This one act effectively ruined Jon’s character arc as well.

Of course, it’s not this one episode we’re complaining about. Daenerys, who had a strong part in the beginning and who made us believe that she is indeed the true heir to the throne, later turned villain, bringing the show a lot of hate. And the death of the original mad queen Cersei Lannister was definitely unsatisfactory. After blowing up the city with wildfire and being the hateful woman that she is, the last thing we expected was for her to be crushed under the Red Keep.

Then was the super rushed conversation between Jon and Tyrion in the last episode. Shouldn’t it have taken at least two episodes to come up with a huge decision like that?

Of course, the Stark sisters are killing it. Arya never wanted to be a lady and is off to explore the west of Westros, leaving Gendry behind. But wouldn’t she have made a great ruler of Kings Landing? Her being a warrior and killing the Knight King made us believe that she would kill Cersei too.

The epic disappointment came with Bran being made KING OF THE SIX KINGDOMS. The character had nothing much to do in the entire show. In fact in few seasons we didn’t have much to see of him at all.

And who can forget the numerous coffee cups?

All in all, the last season of Game Of Thrones was seriously frustrating, and the finale was a complete anti-climax, effectively ruining the most popular show of our time. If you agree, here are 12 memes you’ll totally relate to.

Tell us how you would’ve liked Game Of Thrones to end.


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