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Gadar Is Rolling Out Its Sequel And We Are Hoping Sunny Deol Pulls Out A Hand Pump Again

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Bollywood seems to be in a really shaken up and questionable state right now. We say this after we’ve been at the receiving end of some pointless sequels *cough SOTY 2* and rubbish remixes one after the other. So, at this point, if anyone were to come up and tell me that there is another remix or sequel coming up, chances are, and I won’t want anything to do with them mainly because why must they be the bearer of such bad news?

But, unlike the trash that is being churned out, we were actually willing to take a look at a sequel of the 2001 iconic movie – Gadar : Ek Prem Katha. Turns out, the movie that took us through the riots that led to and then followed after the partition, is going to be continued. This time, it will follow the journey of the two characters and their story moves forward from where it left off.

The movie ended at the couple making it safely and alive from the riots and rioting in-laws no less, with their son, who we assume will have grown up and would have a bigger role in the sequel.

Earlier when Anil Sharma, the director was asked to comment on whether or not it would have a sequel, he said how he would not be willing to dilute the movie with a sequel unless he gets a compelling script for it. Seems like, he might have found what he was looking for. Back in 2001, Gadar turned out to be one of the few films that fetched the producers any sort of earning. It set the cash registers ringing bringing in upto 256 crores, a record of sorts during that time.

The audience, too, seems pumped (oh, the pun) to see how they will carry forward the tragedy with the happy ending in the sequel. While it’s not confirmed, it is being said that the cast will remain the same to maintain the essence of the movie. Safe to say, or hope at this point, this won’t be as non-sensical at the misogynistic Ishq Vishq sequel.


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