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5 Indian Webcomics You Should Totally Be Reading!

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Comics can be wonderful mood-boosters. Having a dull day? I find that the best remedy lies in opening up an Archie’s Digest and reading away into the wee hours. There is just something about those colourful illustrations and witty banter that brings a huge smile to my face.

But in today’s tech-driven world, paperback comics are slowly dying out. They are steadily being replaced by the latest trend — webcomics. Webcomics started off with a bang abroad, with popular ones like Cyanide and Happiness and BuzzFeed shorts ruling the roost. But India didn’t take too long to catch up! Considering the number of talented individuals out there right now, there are several Indian webcomics that are gathering a large fan base.

Some witty, some colourful, and some unique, these webcomics can entertain you on any dull day. So the next time you’re traveling to work and forget to carry a book along for the commute, whisk out your smartphone and catch up on these hilarious shorts.


Ep. 01 – Late Night Shenanigans

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1. Brown Paper Bag Comics

Started by talented young Sailesh, Brown Paper Bag deals with various Indian stereotypes and gives a fresh and funny take on everyday life. The witty description on its Facebook page reads: “A webcomic about brown paper bags with multiple metaphorical connotations subject to individual interpretation so you don’t ask me what it means.” Duly noted!

Find it on Facebook and Instagram.


Everything that is wrong with #Bollywood #thevigilidiot #mumbaiboss #EkVillain

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2. The Vigil Idiot

You’ll be glad you came across The Vigil Idiot! Creator Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for Buzzfeed India, but in his spare time he also unabashedly reviews all of Bollywood’s most cliched films in the funniest way possible! He has also published his own book, 42 Lessons I Learnt From Bollywood: The Vigil Idiot’s Guide to the 1990s that’s totally worth the chuckles! 

Find it on Facebook.


3. Garbage Bin

Contrary to its name, this webcomic is sheer gold! Garbage Bin is one of the biggest webcomics in the country and its popularity is due to its simplicity. There’s humour that blends in with things we can all relate to. Check it out. Guaranteed hours of funny shit!

Find it on Facebook and Instagram.


Boy toys. #cougar #darkhumor #webcomics #totespototes #incestrp

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4. Totes Pototes

NOT pronounced as “Totes Po-Tay-Toes” Shreanca Bhattacharjee’s brainchild is bold in its approach and in its content. So if you want to veer off the beaten track and try out something new, you must go ahead and read this webcomic for all its inappropriate humour!

Find it on Facebook and Instagram.


#addicted #inlove #greatread #royalexistentials

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5. Royal Existentials

Having an existential crisis? Mentally debating over the point of life? Relax. This webcomic is here to cheer you up via its quirky humour. Think long-gone eras and vivid paintings, then add a spot of fun to it. You have the Royal Existentials!

Find it on Facebook.

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