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6 Fun Things You Should Be Doing This Women’s Day

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I don’t need to tell you that today is all about feeling special about something as simple as being born a girl. Women’s Day is about celebrating yourself and being proud of the woman you are. While others may not see what the big deal is, I get it. And I’d say we need a WEEK atleast to celebrate how badass we are, simply because I know what it takes to be that person who kicks ass in ever aspect of life! It’s not easy when you’ve got society telling you one thing and your heart another, when you’ve grown up listening to gender stereotypes and you want nothing more than to break them and be your own person.

While I keep telling you from time to time to #LoveYourself and splurge as often as you’d like on yourself, here’s a list of fun things you could spend your money on this Women’s Day which aren’t the typical shoes and bags. Show yourself a different kind of love by indulging in your hobbies that make you happy for a change. Whether you use these for yourself or to gift the favourite women in your life, these are sure to leave a smile on your face.


1. Adult Colouring Books


The Magical City Colouring Book (Rs 209)

Remember how fun it used to be when life was simple and your biggest worry was which colour to use to colour the house? Adult colouring books are the new best thing that you need to own! Spend your day colouring intricate beautiful designs and keep everything else to deal with on another day!

2. Indulge in Handmade Chocolates


Black Pepper and Mango Chocolate (Rs 260)

This new chocolate making company makes the best Indian chocolates with yummilicious Indian flavours that you have to try out! From Himalayan rock salt to black pepper or mango and tutti frutti, Bean Therapy has it all. If you like experimenting and you’re a die hard chocolate fan, you absolutely need to try this out!


3. Send Out Post Cards


Until Next Time Book (Rs 500)

This book has lots of palm-sized perforated cards that you can pass on to the special women in your life who make all the difference, simply to bring a smile on their face. If you’re one of those girls who has difficulty expressing yourself, this is just what you need!


4. Catch up on your favourite magazines


Courtesy: The Great Discontent

Meet Paper Planesa subscription service that delivers magazines of your choice to your doorstep. All you need to do is choose any three genres that interest you — like fashion, art, travel — and receive a bunch of indie magazines from India as well as abroad. Nothing gets better than this if you’re an avid reader.


5. Record A Song


Courtesy: Soundtrap

Love music? Have you always wanted to record your own song but never found it in you to actually go for it? You can now record a song online with Soundtrap, where all you need to do is plug in your instrument to your laptop or use one of the Soundtrap instruments and record a song directly using your computer/laptop microphone. It’s that easy!


6. Pamper yourself with My Glamm


This app provides a host of beauty services right at your doorstep. From waxing to manis and pedis, they take care of all your basic grooming needs, all in the comfort of your home. Now who wouldn’t like spending the day getting pampered and unwinding while sitting in your comfort zone?

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