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#FreeThePimple Is Instagram’s New Skin Positive Movement

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The Internet is a highly dynamic space with fleeting trends. From #ThighGap to #GlassSkin and #TobleroneTunnel, Instagram has given us some pretty unrealistic, unachievable beauty standards over the last few months. But it’s also given us some very positive trends such as #FkTheFilterChallenge or #BoycottTheFilter, that promoted dropping all those editing apps and posting all natural selfies. Taking positive trends one step further, there is finally a trend that speaks for women who are suffering from cystic acne, which is something many women deal with on a daily basis.

Here’s introducing #FreeThePimple, the latest debutante in the growing army of body and skin positive Instagram movements. The foremost reason we love this hashtag is that it creates an online community for women enduring the physical and emotional effects of adult acne, so no one feels alone. #FreeThePimple is all about defying norms and beauty standards, encouraging women to embrace their natural selves.

While it is a personal decision, whether or not you want to cover your acne, we are just glad that we are one step closer to diversity, and a fast-growing skin-positive community.

Here are some inspiring pictures from the movement.

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👄🐇💕👽 #freethepimple #acneawarenessmonth

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*PROGRESS* & *underlying cause for my acne?* 🤔 Is it just me or is my skin looking less inflamed and red? I feel like I have less actives on my face. 🙌 Even though it’s far from most peoples idea of good skin I’m feeling good about it 😊 Also just got my call from the hospital that my colonoscopy is on Wednesday! 👩‍⚕️ Ahh I’m so nervous 😂 But it will be good to know what my gut actually looks like! There are so many theories on gut health and acne. A colonoscopy is a camera inside you gut – if it shows any sign of inflammation then it could be an indication my acne is caused by an underlying gut condition. I’ve always had gut issues and got diagnosed with ‘IBS’ at a young age. But recently I’ve been having other symptoms which is why they are checking me for IBD. If I do have it, I can not take accutane, which is a downside – but health first! 💜 . . . #acne #acneprogress #acnegirl #acneblog #accutane #accutanejourney #acnejourney #acnescars #blemishes #louisereeby #mypaleskin #imperfections #acneawarenessmonth #freethepimple

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It’s time to #freethepimple, people!


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