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5 Websites That Provide Super Stylish Wallpapers For Free!

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I don’t know about you guys but I just cannot have a random picture as my desktop background. I’m someone who will totally judge a person for not making an effort to put up a decent-looking wallpaper on your computer or smartphone. These little things give subtle cues about the kind of person you are. I mean, if you have your own picture on your locked phone screen, I don’t think I can be friends with you. I HAVE to have a fancy, good-looking one or I’d rather go with a blank screen.

However, it’s a struggle finding cool ones regularly. What I usually do is save pictures from artsy Tumblr blogs and resize them as a wallpaper. It’s very rare that I find a high-quality picture though, so I end up with a wallpaper that’s blurry and distorted. Not pretty, no?

So I sat down one day and began searching for websites that offer cool wallpapers for free. And guess what? I found a few really interesting ones. The next time you’re hunting for a fun, quirky wallpaper for your desktop or phone, take a look at these websites and make your pick!


Ban.do_Hauterfly’s iPhone Wallpaper


This one was suggested by our editor-in-chief and she is obsessed with the brand. And I don’t blame her. is actually a site for really fun stationery and accessories and their designs are totally adorable. What’s great though is that they also do really cool wallpapers that you can download for free. Their fun, colourful designs are totally addictive. Now you have no excuse to jazz up your desktop or iPhone with them. The pop of colours, motifs, and their sassy, inspirational quotes are so fresh and vibrant that you need to check them out stat.



Breanna Rose Desktop Wallpaper

2.  Breanna Rose

Breanna Rose is a graphic designer who creates minimalist designs often using inspiring quotes. From web designing to photography, Rose has got all of it going. She provides free downloads of wallpapers designed by her on her blog. If your style is simplistic, this is what you need.



The Desktop Wallpaper Project Featuring Jude Landry

3. The Desktop Wallpaper Project

I found this website on Tumblr, and it updates its gallery with new wallpapers every week featuring works by artists around the world. They have wallpapers with illustrations, photographs, graphic patterns, absurd art, quotes, and so much more. There’s something for everyone thanks to the huge variety of art to choose from. Check out their site and you’ll be glued to your screen for hours!



iPhone Wallpapers’ You’re A Fox Wallpaper

4. iPhone Backgrounds

Another Tumblr find, this one provides cute patterns and pictures exclusively for iPhone users. They have wallpapers with adorable motifs and also ones with calendars. I also found many festive wallpapers when I was scrolling through their site. I’m wondering how I hadn’t discovered this earlier.


Design Love Fest_Hauterfly

Design Love Fest Featuring Lizzy Doyle

5. Design Love Fest

This website features works by various designers and provides wallpapers for free. They don’t have a particular style as every artist that is featured creates something fun and unique. They release a new design every week introducing new artists. Check them out for interesting prints and motifs.


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