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Four-Year-Old Has An Emotional Meltdown Because She Misses Her Favourite Restaurants. Her Video Is Such A Mood

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Unlike my connection with my crush, things escalated quickly here – from the time when coronavirus was like an obscure concept to most of us to now that it’s become a deadly pandemic. Raise your hand if on your last day at working from the office, you thought that lockdown would only last a couple of weeks. You even left a couple of things on your desk assuming that you will return soon. I swear I have been played by men but this is like full-on dhokha by a virus even. And then soon, there was hearsay that the lockdown would extend till June and we dismissed those as rumours. And here we are, engulfed in uncertainties – not knowing when things will return to normal.

By now I feel most of us have given up already on feeling frustrated, at least most days we aren’t. Yes, there are times when I stand by the window and look at the streets that look like an adaptation of my love life – deserted and silent. And then I drink up to completing the next level of real-life Jumanji because like what else do I have to do on a “Friyayy”?

And then today, I stumbled upon this adorable video of a four-year-old girl who is having a breakdown because all her fav places are shut. Be it her favourite ice-cream parlour or McDonald’s. When her dad reminds her that they can still pick up from the drive-through, she is like it’s boring! Her rant about how it sucks to not be able to go to restaurants and cafes is adorable and relatable AF! It seems like she understands that it’s important to enforce restrictions but she just can’t help but get really emotional about food. “Tell me how come this sweet baby acknowledges both that it is really hard to be in quarantine AND that it is necessary to stay safe. Literally, she’s way more mature than some of these adults who throw tantrums for being asked to wear a mask,” a user pointed out.

What I really love about it is how she is encouraged by her parents to cry and really express herself. They offer her a space to pour her feelings out and even though it’s funny to us, they aren’t dismissing it as trivial. Like hell yeah, you are allowed to cry for not being able to have your favourite ice-cream! No judgements. “I love how her parents aren’t doing that “Just stop crying and eat your food” but are genuinely listening to her voice out her frustrations,” wrote a Twitter user. At some point, she even asked why do germs come around if nobody likes them and boy, that could really apply to so many shady guys out there just sliding into your DMs like nobody’s business. The little girl made a very good point here!

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Honestly, one of the things I really miss about the pre-pandemic world is being able to go out and have a cup of coffee, without having to make it yourself. Also, because having instant coffee at home doesn’t compare with a strong brew you get in cafes, which you can enjoy without your parents forcing you to have aloo bhujia sev with it. I miss normal life which comprised a lot of eating out. It feels guilty but hello, all emotions matter and if I hadn’t grown in a family that shies away from expressing emotions, I would really like to just sit and cry and rant, like this little girl. The way she articulated her thoughts, this wise little girl is going to go places. A Twitter user praised her for the same, “She’s making excellent points. She articulated her feelings really well. “I like doing these things but I can’t do these things right now. I get WHY I can’t do these things but I’m still frustrated.”

Deep down when we’re upset, all of us want to do exactly that. And I believe it helps! After I am done crying, I would wipe my tears, put some lipstick on and probably order a large portion of fries.

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