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Former Kerala MP Asks Girl Students Not To Bend In Front Of Rahul Gandhi As He Is Not Married. WTF?

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There are very few Indian politicians who actually understand the plight of women and want to work towards something better. The rest of them are too wrapped up in their own misogyny to see beyond it. Much to everyone’s surprise though, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has really been stepping up his game. He has been visiting women’s colleges in Kerala and even giving self-defence seminars. Now whether it’s a part of his campaign strategy or not is up for speculation but it’s a great initiative that he has taken on. However, a former Kerala MP has a few inane problems with the fact that Rahul Gandhi is conducting this seemingly progressive campaign. Joyce George, a politician blinded with misogyny, found himself smack in the middle of controversy after he said that girls in these colleges should stay away from Rahul Gandhi and be wary as he is an “unmarried trouble maker”. Erm.. so what? Just because he is unmarried he is not qualified to give self-defence lessons? What is the logic here?

On 29th March, at a rally in Erattayar, former Kerala MP Joyce George made some extremely misogynistic remarks. And while we aren’t surprised, it’s still boiling our blood. Joyce was talking about Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with the students of St Teresa’s College in Kochi last week as part of his assembly election campaigns. He accused Rahul Gandhi of only visiting women’s colleges and warned girl students to be cautious while interacting with him since he is unmarried. I understand that this was a jab at Rahul Gandhi but it clearly displays the narrow-mindedness of some of our politicians.

ANI quoted Joyce George saying, “Rahul Gandhi’s programme is such that he will only visit women colleges. He will go there and teach girls to bend. My dear children, please don’t bend and stand in front of him…he is not married.” He also said, “Girls, never bend down in front of him…he is an unmarried trouble-maker.”

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This is just shameful. He is accusing Rahul Gandhi of being inappropriate all because he isn’t married. What about all the other married politicians who have done and said despicable things about women? Rahul Gandhi was trying to empower female students. Something all politicians ought to do. Instead, they waste time looking for the most random ways to bring each other down. Maybe spend a little more time focusing on actual problems? Women’s safety, for instance?

After coming under the scanner and receiving heavy backlash from all sides, Joyce George retracted his statement and expressed his regret. He said, “‘I hereby unconditionally withdraw the inappropriate remarks made by me while addressing an election rally at Irattayar here on Monday. I also express regret over that.”

Does this make it better? The misogyny in his statement was extremely obvious. Whether he retracts them or not. This very disappointing. Politicians ought to change their narrow mindsets. We’ve had enough of their petty, sexist comments!

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