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5 Foods To Help You Stay Hydrated

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If there’s one thing I’ve heard on a loop ever since I was little, it is the constant reminder to ‘drink more water!’ From my mother to my grandmothers, everyone around me has made it their life’s mission to ensure that a certain amount of H2O goes into my system. However, I must admit that it hasn’t really worked. I often simply forget to drink water and even if I do feel thirsty, a couple of sips have always had me covered.

Yes, I know. Bad habit! But believe me, I’ve tried it all. I’ve downloaded apps to remind me to drink up AND, I’ve read all about the consequences of not drinking enough water. Nothing has worked. Even when there is a bottle of water sitting on my desk, it remains half full by the end of the day (yes, the cup is half-full in this case). If you’ve been nodding your head vigorously while reading this, you can feel my pain.

Which brings me to this question. What can we do to keep ourselves hydrated, apart from remembering to drink more water? Fact is, there’s a lot we can do! Here are a couple of foods that can help you stay hydrated through the course of the day. You can add them to your salads or carry them in a little box to work. Hooked yet? Scroll on to find out more.

1. Cucumbers

But, of course! Cucumbers have always been dubbed as ‘cool’ vegetables. And I mean this literally. Cucumbers contain 96% of water and are high in Vitamin K. Slice and toss some into your salad or sprinkle with a bit of salt and eat as is. All day hydration? Check!

2. Celery

Not everyone likes celery. But fortunately or unfortunately for you, they’re packed with nutrients. They are also composed of 96% water. Their stalks, especially, are extremely healthy. So the next time you whip up a salad, be generous with the celery.

3. Strawberries

These lush and bright berries are the perfect choice if you want to stay hydrated. They contain 92% of water and are great sources of Vitamin C and fiber. Actually, you don’t even need a reason to start eating more strawberries. They’re just so darn delicious!

4. Watermelon

The name says it all! Watermelons are composed of 92% water. But more importantly, the amount of salt and magnesium this fruit contains is what makes it a fantastic source of hydration for your body. So start stocking up on this fruit, STAT.

5. Pineapples

This tropical fruit is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. It contains 87% water and is also packed with bromelaine, which helps improve digestion. Water does that too, so eating a couple of slices of this golden fruit is just as good as drinking water.



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