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5 Wine Cocktails For Summer That Are Simply Divine!

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So America is celebrating National Wine Day on 25th May, and we just had to get in on the party! I mean who can resist a glass of wine on the weekend, right? So to celebrate the occasion, we think you should give your glass of the red, white or rosé a fancy little upgrade with these wine cocktails that are super easy to stir up!

Whether you’re having a slumber party with your girls, or spending the night in with your partner, Friday night is looking good with these super simple wine cocktails.

Inpost-wine cocktail recepies - white wine

White Wine Spritzer – The Spruce Eats

1. White Wine Spritzer

The white wine spritzer is a classic drink that is super easy to mix up ’cause it’s got just two ingredients. You can take your wine to champagne level just by adding some spritzer to it. No better way to unwind and beat the heat this summer, we think.

Click here for recipe.

Inpost-wine cocktail recepies - roseberry

Rosé Berry Bliss Cocktail – The Spruce Eats

2. Rosé Berry Bliss Cocktail

This wine punch is definitely an elegant way to please the crowd on any given day. Anytime you feel like having a fabulous drink, this one should be your go-to!

Click here for recipe.

Inpost-wine cocktail recepies - rose sangria

Rosé Sangria with Cranberries and Apples – Food & Wine

3. Rosé Sangria with Cranberries and Apples

You can never go wrong with a sangria. This strong but not-so-sweet concoction is perfectly spiced with cinnamon and cloves, and frankly, we love it!

Click here for recipe.

Inpost-wine cocktail recepies - vino franscesca

Vino Francesca – Food & Wine

4. Vino Francesca

This sweet fruit wine is delicious for when you call your girl friends over for a night in. It is definitely best when served chilled, and will help you beat the heat in the yummiest way possible.

Click here for recipe.

Inpost-wine cocktail recepies - watermelon wine

Watermelon Sangria – Food And Wine

5. Watermelon Sangria

Watermelons are known to be a summer favourite. The classic Spanish sangria gets the perfect twist by adding the perfect amount of refreshing watermelon to it.

Click here for recipe.


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