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An Easy Cold Coffee Cocktail Recipe That Will Make You Yearn For The Weekend

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Cold coffee is an addiction of the good kind. No matter how the weather is outside, this drink always makes us feel better.

And though the monsoons have arrived, the humidity is killing us. A cool cold coffee can make the stress of the long, tiring commute to work or looming deadlines magically disappear. And you know what’s better than a cold coffee? A cold coffee cocktail.

The folks at The Daily Bar & Kitchen took our regular beverage and added a twist to it — alcohol. And we love it! It tastes almost the same, with just a little hint of the poison, but overall, it gets a serious upgrade.

No, we aren’t selfish, so here’s the recipe to Expresso Noir, a cocktail made with cold pressed coffee and vodka! Didn’t think that everyone’s favourite drink could get better, right? Well, the video below will tell you otherwise.

This is something you can try at home and once you do, tell us in the comments below how yummy yours was!


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