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Here’s What You Can Get For Rs 100 Or Less In Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

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Broke in Cyber Hub? Fret not because, for Rs 100 or less, you can get munchies, ice lollies, and even a glass of beer! Here’s where to head, when your wallet is dangerously low on cash.


Places to eat under Rs 100_Sodabottle openerwala_Hauterfly


While you may not be able to afford the Berry Pulao, there are lots of pocket-friendly snack options on the menu at Delhi’s favourite Parsi eatery.

What To Order:

The Saria Papad (Rs 30), Bun Maska/Jam/Guava Jelly (Rs 55), and the Vegetable Puff (Rs 65) or Mutton Keema Puff (Rs 85).

If you’re feeling indulgent, order yourself a cup of the very sweet Khade Chammach Ki Chai (Rs 60) – it’s free if you can finish the whole thing.

Contact: 011 3310 5664
Cost for 2: Rs 1,300


Places to eat under Rs 100_Hard Rock Café_Hauterfly

Hard Rock Café

Gigs, burgers and beer – Dilliwaalas continue to flock to Hard Rock Café, even as newer, shinier bars open up in the city. There’s not a lot for less than Rs 100, but you could score budget booze for less during happy hours.

What To Order: Rs 100 can get you a peg of Smirnoff, Old Monk, Kingfisher Draught, and Bacardi between 4pm – 8pm.

Contact: 012 4494 9630
Cost for 2: Rs 2,500


Places to eat under Rs 100_Pita Pit_Hauterfly

Pita Pit

While everything at this healthy-eating joint is affordable, the salads and pitas will still set you back by more than Rs 100. Instead, here’s what to get.

What To Order: A Fudge Nut Brownie (Rs 79) to satiate that sweet tooth.

Contact: 011 3310 6152
Cost for 2: Rs 600


Places to eat under Rs 100_Dunkin’ Donuts_Hauterfly

Dunkin’ Donuts

A single doughnut will set you back by Rs 62, but that’s so predictable. If you’re in the mood for something savoury, here’s what we recommend.

What To Order: Choose from their Original Meals – the Big Joy Original Veg (Rs 55) and the Big Joy Original Chicken (Rs 69) will keep you going till dinner. If you’re looking for something less filling, try the Tex Mex Potato Wedges (Rs 60).

Contact: 012 4494 5987
Cost for 2: Rs 600


Places to eat under Rs 100_Theobroma_hauterfly


We know you’ve probably been to Theobroma by now and got yourself a box of Red Velvet Brownies (Rs 85 per piece), but if you’re looking to experiment (without splurging), here’s what to go for.

What To Order: Pick up a couple of pieces of their hand-crafted chocolates – the ones with soft centres are for Rs 30 per piece while those with alcoholic centres are for Rs 35 per piece!

Here’s a pro-tip: their selection of breads is budget-friendly, on the whole; you could score a Parsley Cream Cheese Danish for Rs 70.

Contact: 088 0001 8150
Cost for 2: Rs 600


Places to eat under Rs 100_Chai Point_Hauterfly

Chai Point

Chai is generally pretty cheap, but what if you could have multiple cups of tea as well as a steaming plate of Maggi (the ultimate desi comfort food TBH) for less than Rs 100? Yep, we’re sold too.

What To Order: A Mini Chai Flask that serves 5 cups of green/masala/ginger/cutting chai (Rs 100), A Ginger Uniflask served with Maggi (Rs 100), or any of their Maggi variants (starting at Rs 35).

Contact: 012 4494 8570
Cost for 2: Rs 200


Places to eat under Rs 100_Cherry Comet_Hauterfly

Cherry Comet

It’s gettin’ hot in here (and out there as well), so we’re all screaming for ice cream.

What To Order: One of their regular Nitro popsicles (Rs 90) in flavours like Mango Berry, Choco Fruit n Nut, or Black Currant.

Contact: 012 4494 9551
Cost for 2: Rs 400


Places to eat under Rs 100_Red Mango_Hauterfly

Red Mango

Famous for fro-yo, Red Mango has a huge selection of flavours and toppings. However, that’s not what we’re recommending you get for less than Rs 100 – primarily because it costs more.

What To Order: Red Mango serves brekkie between 8am – 12pm, and you can order eggs any way you like them – boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, or omelette, for Rs 99.

Contact: 012 4494 9595
Cost for 2: Rs 700



Places to eat under Rs 100_Vaango!_Hauterfly


Vaango or ‘come in’ for easy-on-the-pocket meals at this South Indian restaurant. Whether you’re in the mood for a snack or a full-fledged dosa, it’s available for less than Rs 100.

What To Order: Spicy Mini Idlis (Rs 49), Upma (Rs 99), or the Plain Dosa (Rs 99)

Contact: 012 4494 5923
Cost for 2: Rs 450

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