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This New Instagram Trend Is Bringing Eggs In The Limelight

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It’s been a while since a food trend hit Instagram, and honestly, I was missing them. But my wish has been answered and let me introduce you to… *drum roll, please*… cloud eggs.

Cloud eggs are social media’s newest tasty fancy. The staple breakfast ingredient — the humble egg — has been given a makeover to make it look like a cloud, or some people are saying, a roasted cauliflower. Uhm, let’s stick to cloud, shall we?

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It is a healthy option, in the sense that in order to create this “look” (spending too much time with the beauty writer, so excuse me!) you have to bake it not once, but twice. That may sound like hard work, but the outcome is worth it. Though I suggest you try this recipe on a weekend and stick to scrambled eggs on working days. 9Yup, don’t even attempt it on Monday.)

Don’t believe me? Watch the recipe video below.



Okay, that looks effortless, but in reality you will burn your eggs at least 2 times. And if you don’t, then I’m coming over to your place for breakfast!

Then again, I have a habit of exaggerating things slightly, so here are some Instagrammers — who are acing the recipe, using their killer photography skills, and making everyone jealous of their feeds — to give you the inspiration that I can’t.

P.S.: Trying it out this Sunday, and will give y’all an update as to how horribly it went. And if you try it out too, please share your experience (and images)!












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