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#VDAY: 10 Restaurants That Will Make Feb 14 More Memorable

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If you aren’t aware already, the hawkers at the signals with heart-shaped balloons will confirm that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. There is a constant battle between those who think this day is utter BS and those who celebrate it right from the so-called Rose Day. But there is no harm in celebrating it anyway, right? After all, restaurants do have special menus for this day, a more romantic setting, and hello, discounts!

Whether your plan is to go on a date with that special one or attack the buffet with your gang, these restaurants from the 5 major metros will actually make you appreciate the 14th of this month. Since love is in the air, you might as well go along with it! From the usual candlelit dinners and massive lunch spreads to scrumptious breakfasts, there is something for everyone. Provided, of course, you’re as much of a foodie as we are.


New Delhi


Fio Country Kitchen And Bar

With nature for company and colourful cushions strewn about, Fio is the perfect spot for a chilled lunch session. Rated as one of the top spots for a romantic dinner in the capital, it cannot get better than this. Actually, it can, as the menu has some kickass appetisers and drinks to make your day!

Contact: 99710 04530
Cost For 2: Rs 3,300


The Piano Man Cafe

Live Jazz music, dim light settings, and food that will make you order for seconds, TPM is your answer to a date that will lead to something more, guaranteed. Pepperoni pockets and sticky chicken wings tell you that carnivores are in for a treat. Plus, if you are someone who prefers breakfast over late nights, their breakie specials will wow you, for sure.

Contact: 98712 49653
Cost For 2: Rs 1,800





The Neapolitan restaurant is all set to make not just D-day, but the whole week amazing for you and your loved ones. A Valentine’s Day special menu has been curated to inculcate everything tasty and to keep the romance intact. On from the February 10-14, even if you aren’t in love, I suggest you go.

Contact: 022 3312 6799
Cost For 2: Rs 2,000


It Happened In New York

ITHINY is organising a curated 4-course lunch for couples. Apart from lip-smacking delicacies, the portions come in odd numbers, so that the couple can share the last piece. How cute is that?

Contact: 022 2644 6161/3131
Cost For 2: Rs 3,000




The Tao Terraces

There is something about intimate dinners and rooftop restaurants, no? The starry sky (okay, a few stars here and there) just adds to the whole ambience. Bangalore is blessed with a fantastic one with vibes that will complete your day perfectly. And if Valentine’s is still not your thing, Fridays here are absolutely banging with some smashing sushi!

Contact: 080 4965 3408
Cost For 2: Rs 2,200


Windmills Craftworks

The café with a unique name, Windmills Craftworks is a microbrewery that also has a library and a Jazz theatre. So I’m imagining a laidback evening, snuggled with a book that turns into an artistic night with fantastic performances and splendid beers.

PS: The chef’s specials here are to die for!

Contact: +91 88802 33322
Cost For 2: Rs 2,500




Splash — Swissotel

Certainly made for couples, this restaurant in Swissotel has separate, curtained sections that give you all the privacy you need. The décor is just perfect for people who want to have a heart to heart and just talk. Also, for Valentine’s Day, they go the extra mile and decorate each table with all things red.

Contact: 033 3099 0344
Cost For 2: Rs 2,300


Smoke Shack

Zomato says it is THE most romantic place to be when in the city of everything sweet. Rooftop, poolside seating area, yummy kebabs, monochrome classy interiors — sounds like the full package for the ideal date, no? Thought so. And no prizes for guessing that the hookah will be amazing, courtesy the name.

Contact: 033 3085 9080
Cost For 2: Rs 2,800




InAzia — Sheraton

Known for providing the best facilities, Sheraton is leaving no stone unturned this year either. From strawberry cakes to spa offers, indulge in a wholesome experience and pamper yourself to the tee, this Valentine’s Day.

Contact: 040 4925 1130
Cost For 2: Rs 2,700


Prego — Westin

If you want to splurge, this day might just be perfect to do that, and what’s better than spending money on food? Luxury fine dining at Prego will gift you moments for a lifetime. Not just because it’s heavy on your pocket, but also cause the Sunday brunch is bomb. That plus a special menu for next week is a combination no one can refuse!

Contact: 040 3316 5304
Cost For 2: Rs 5,000


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